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nasty phone sex whore deja

July 27th, 2016

nasty phone sexI’m a nasty phone sex whore and I love being used and abused like a piece of trash. I’m a submissive slut that does as she’s told. Do you want to be my master? Do you want to control my every move? I’ll bow down before you and obey all your commands. That’s what gets me so fucking turned on. I want to be your dirty whore. Tell me what I can do to please you. I’m yours to control in every way.

I have a caller named Martin who wants me to be his dirty fuck toy. He rips my clothes off and throws me on the floor. He spits on me and tells me how nasty of a whore I am. He grabs my head back and shoves his cock down my throat. He fucks my face so hard I sometimes can’t even breathe. He just laughs when I gag on his big hard dick. When he’s ready to fuck my dirty little holes  he’ll grab me by my hair and throw me over the couch. He smacks my ass while he’s running his cock between my ass cheeks. He never uses lube, he just shoves it in dry. He fucks my ass deep and hard. He’ll pulls out and shoves it back in my mouth, then back in my ass again. He tells me I’m a no good whore and flips me over and thrusts into my pussy with force. He fucks me till he’s ready to cum. Then he throws me to my knees and makes me hold open my mouth so he can unload his big creamy load down my throat. Sometimes he even pisses all over me too. The whole time belittling me for being a nasty phone sex slut.

Would you like that kind of control over me too? Let me be your submissive little whore to do with as you please. I’m the filthy whore your looking for!!nasty phone sex


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This Sinful Phone Sex blog written by Deja.
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Sissy training phone sex Be sissified!

July 27th, 2016

Graduation is almost here for the ones that are lucky to graduate sissy training phone sex.  During these past six months, your nasty little feminization sluts have learned that it’s ok to let your walls down and give into those fantasies. I have shown you that coming out of your comfort zone is ok and much desired.  sissy training phone sex

I have shown you how to engage your cocks and search out your own cock.  It was arousing and a little bit confusing, but you knew it needed to happen.  We still have two months to learn about yourself before you are let out on your own after sissy training phone sex.  I think our weekly group sessions have answered a ton of your questions and encouraged you.  As part of our last few sessions, I will show you how to undergo your heartfelt desires forced feminization and transitions into the world of sissies. 

sissy training phone sex I know that you are starting to speak and envision yourself in a much more feminine way. You find yourself doing much more bitch duties and loving it.  Your masculine desires are fading. The hormones are taking form.  This is one of the exciting final steps in sissy finishing school phone sex.  Your other classmates are progressing at different rates as no two sissies are alike.  To be honest, ones who paid their tribute on time and tipped are more head of others. I have taken the most severe ones under my wing and guided them altogether.  Now the ball is in your court after graduation to continue, and role plays your new found secret desires. I hope I have given the advice and the tools to go above and beyond, and I encourage to out and make you into a full blown proper sissy slut.

Go out and show the world that you are worthy of graduating tell your friends to explore the world and if you are lucky you can be in my liberal sissy training phone sex starting in September. For newcomers’ classes start August 15, 2016, email me to get an application.

Now don’t forget you can use all those ppd debit cards

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This Sinful Phone Sex blog written by Shawna.
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accomplice phone sex

July 27th, 2016

accomplice phone sex I know to look at me I look like the sweet innocent type.Don’t let that fool you. I have a dark sinister side to me that just takes over. I bet you do too. I love being an accomplice phone sex slut to your secret sinister fantasies. I know how to get the perfect prey for our fun. Just tell me what your looking for. That’s where my looks come in. No one would ever think I’m there worst nightmare come true. I just can’t help it when the feeling comes over me. I see a little one at the park and all I can think about is how I want to hear her scream. It really turns me on when they struggle and cry to be let go. Like that’s gonna happen. *laughing* I want to be your devious partner. I want to be the one to find exactly what your looking for. We can bring our play toy back to my place. I have a special room in the basement for our sexual games. I have all kinds of toys to play with on our prey. The kind that make them scream in pain. The kind that will have them begging us to please, please stop. But you and I know we’ve come to far to stop now.We can’t stop till we’ve destroyed our toy. The blood curdling screams won’t let us. It takes us over. we can’t stop till her blood is dripping down her body.Her eyes rolling back in her head. I bet you can see your hands wrapped around her neck right now choking the life out of her.That’s what makes your cock hard. That’s what makes my cunt wet. We need to see it to the end. So give me a call at accomplice phone sex and let me help make both our fantasies come true!accomplice phone sex

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This Sinful Phone Sex blog written by Anita.
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Teen for anal phone sex

July 27th, 2016

teen for anal phone sex

Does it make me nasty being a teen for anal?? Well guess what! There are no fucks to be given. I like what I like, just like you do. Who is to judge me anyway. They’re just jealous that I am having the time of my life. So if you’re cool with a little stripper slut begging for your cock in their ass then we’ll get along just fine! lol. My one true weakness is a thick and long cock deep inside my tight rosebud. There’s seriously nothing else that feels quite like it.

Grope me, spank me, and please stick it IN me! Do I really have to beg huh? Well if you really, really want me to then I will.. I’ll do just about anything to have some fun with your lovely fat cock. Talking dirty isn’t the only thing I do with this mouth of mine. Come see what I mean down at the club, or after school, or at my house when my daddy is away. We could get into so much trouble together. It’s totally making my pussy gush at the thought of misbehaving.

I will probably wear a thong or perhaps a g-string under a short skirt. It will definitely be something that let’s you focus on my hot little ass. Oh, and high heels on my feet too that make my legs and bum look even sexier! Don’t try to deny that you don’t want a slutty teen for anal. I’m right here and I’m not going away until I have you.

So let me pamper your cock with my mouth first. Slap me around so I know that I’m your bitch for the night. Look, I know we both want this really fucking bad. Quit denying yourself of real pleasure and come meet me for a good time! ~J


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This Sinful Phone Sex blog written by jaycee.
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Strap on phone sex One fuck at a time.

July 26th, 2016

Imagine that while you’re playing with your ass that cock of yours is getting rock hard.  The more you play, the more you need it. That’s when you call me for my strap on phone sex! I will make strap on phone sex those fantasies come true.  Allow me to show you exactly what it’s like. Think I can bring you within an inch of cumming and edge you until that clit is begging to cum. I got the skills to make you crave things bringing any fantasy to full reality.

I know it’s been a perverted little daydream of yours to come home and find a huge cock waiting for you.   Your dreams are shattered when  you come home to an empty house.  Now you don’t have to wait!  I have the cure to the problem. I am positive that your wife has no idea of your little secret fetish, and you completely freak out if she started pegging you with a strap on. Though, on the other hand, wow you would love it. So allow me to show introduce you to my secret weapon. strap on phone sex

I show no mercy, I understand your every need drop to one knee and surrender that ass to me.  I take out my perfect 10in strap on phone sex cock. My thick mushroom plastic head forced its way between those hot little cheeks.  I pushed it hard in, sparing no mercy as I fucked you hard.

I could tell by the way you moaned that I was hitting just the right spot. There is nothing going to stop me now.  I teased you by thrusting slow then quickening my pace making you scream in ecstasy. Pleasure doesn’t come easy with me so take all you can when I dish out my strap on phone sex.

Don’t forget you can use those prepaid debit cards right here!

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This Sinful Phone Sex blog written by tuesday.
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Phone sex whore Marci

July 26th, 2016

phone sex whoreI love being a phone sex whore. There’s nothing better than a big fat cock sliding in and out of all my tight little fuck holes.I look forward to hearing from my callers who want to fuck me till we both cum. I “ll start by wrapping my hands around the shaft of your cock while i run my tongue over the tip, then taking it deep down my throat. I know you like seeing my sweet lips wrapped around your cock. Your starting to get hard, aren’t you? You want me on my knees like the whore I am. I’ll look up at you while I’m taking you deeper into my mouth. I’m gonna grab your balls and squeeze them as I suck even harder. Your cock will be throbbing. Slap that big hard cock against my face, my mouth. I’m gonna spit all over it and suck it back down my throat. My tongue is gonna stroke that aching cock every where.

When I taste your pre cum ‘I’ll know it’s time for that big hard cock to fuck my tight sweet hole. I’m so turned on my pussy is dripping wet. I can feel you pushing into me. My tight hole being stretched by your big hard member . You start pumping into me, harder and faster I hear you start to pant, moan with pleasure. That’s right baby, fuck my pussy. You pound me till your about to  cum. You pull out of my sweet hole and throw me to the floor. I open my mouth. I’m ready to swallow your load of jizz…MMMmmm..the taste of your hot creamy cum filling my mouth sliding down my throat makes my pussy throb.  I stick my fingers in my pussy and rub my swollen clit. I’m so turned on, I finger my pussy till I’m cumming all over my hand. If your looking for a sexy phone sex whore who’ll give you the orgasm your looking for then give me a call!!phone sex whore

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This Sinful Phone Sex blog written by marci.
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Black cock phone sex it’s a white chick thing.

July 26th, 2016

There is nothing more fun than black cock phone sex! you can’t stop thinking about me bringing home one of those cocks to fuck right in front of you.  I can make you my little bitch.  Go ahead, sit you right in a chair and have you see what a black cock can do.  Those big dark and juicy make me cum like you never could.  Just seeing the way, that black cock phone sexcock fucked me turned you on so much.

You keep having this reoccurring fantasy of walking in on me taking a big black cock. You see me comparing you to that huge cock, and you will never measure up to something that magnificent. It’s utterly degrading to have you watch me get pegged by that cock. The more I got off, the hotter you got.  You couldn’t stop from dropped right down and slid that tongue right in. Just seeing that cum dribbling out made you so hot. I knew in my mind you need to taste that sweet juice.

black cock phone sex You tried so hard to compare, but when you slid that cock in me, you couldn’t feel a thing.  Looking at my pussy, it was gaping wide open. All you could do is think I was so much of a whore fucking those black cock phone sex, and it was hot.  You never imagined that spying on me getting fucked would turn you on so much.

From that moment on you knew that I will always need cock’s way bigger than you.  In my opinion, you could maybe you should make it your job to get me as much black cock as possible.   Then I will be a nasty little breeding whore.

All I ever wanted is to be a nasty little size queen taking as much dark meat as possible. Then I will be a dirty little breeding whore.

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This Sinful Phone Sex blog written by Skye.
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Lyric’s Gang bang Phone Sex

July 26th, 2016

Lyric playing with her Titieslyric 15n (1)Lyric's gang bang phone sex

Let me tell you a little story about what happened to me last year right around Halloween. I went to a party and was gang banged for the very first time. At first I was scared I didn’t want to do it. I was all fucked up on only God knows what. I was partying pretty hard because we all know I’m a party girl. I was made to be a submissive slut. Bow down bitch and suck my cock sort of thing. A total change for me as I am usually a fly by the seat of your pants kind of girl. I love dick and when you can have that man coming at you all at once and get roughed up a bit, Fabulous! It has truly made me enjoy gang bang phone sex. I love having sex with multiple men fucking them, sucking them, and jacking them off at the same time. The thrill of them being forceful as they fuck my cunt and ass, as I am having my head pushed down gagging on a huge cock. Getting beaten, thrown around and being a submissive slut. I love being gang banged from time to time and I love even more having gang bang phone sex. Call me and we will have a banging good time.

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Lyric 1(877)990-9790

Sinful Lyric

This Sinful Phone Sex blog written by Lyric.
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CBT Phone sex Dare to try me out?

July 26th, 2016

What’s the old saying? Can’t you speak cause the cat has got your tongue? Well that’s is the way you are going to feel when you enter my domain of CBT phone sex! First I am going to tease the fuck out that cock you claim to have. After I get you all worked up, I will tie those little balls up with shoe laces.  Go ahead and try to drain the fuckers dry.

It’s nice to know I have you exactly where I need you pleading for me to give you mercy. I continue making this CBT phone sex even hotter. Grabbing the fattest pussy plug, I cram it into that ass.  At first, you shutter, but then pleasureCBT Phone sex overrides you.   I enjoy seeing that cock hard as I plunge that plug deeper into your ass. Feel how I just intensified things making you edge to the point you just want to give me all control.   Just listening to your screams of torment are music to my ears.  Tell me do I need to step it up a notch?

With those strings tightly bound, your tiny little cock can’t cum. Furthermore, all that cum builds up making you have this excruciating pain.  Just one more loop and I think those balls are set. I see the look in your eyes you know I have no desire to allow you to cum.  Watch how I slap those tight full balls reminding you who is really in control, trust me it isn’t you.  I ordered you to stroke your cock.   Those balls are fully ready to explode your cock had no choice but to turn a light shade of blue.  I could hear the trembling in his voice when he asked for the next command. I edged you till I know you couldn’t take anymore.  See I  gave a short break then resumed again. 

By my power, you have held in your longest orgasm.  When I did release you from this CBT phone sex, you had a new respect for me.  Now if you want a different type of orgasm something you never had before then call me.

I am always looking forward to torturing cocks.

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This Sinful Phone Sex blog written by stevie.
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Threesome with the Parents

July 26th, 2016

Threesome with the ParentsThreesome with the Parents

Looking back at all the things I’ve been through or that I have done. Most people would say you poor girl, your Mom put you through all of that. For me I take it as a life lesson. My Mom may have taught me or showed me a different way of life that is unacceptable to most people. I just kept experiencing with it.
I remember a few years back I was dating a guy. We went to see his parents. One night he wanted to go see some of his buddies. Nobody was home perfect opportunity for me to take advantage of having a nice bath in there beautiful bathroom.
While I was taking a relaxing bath I realize the shower head had different settings. I was so horny I couldn’t help myself. I turned it on to the pulsating speed. Putting it down by my pussy it began to massage just right. I didn’t muffle my moans as I thought I was all alone.
Before I had even realized it the door had opened and I had a hand on my shoulder. It was my boyfriend’s Mom. I apologized and she told me no need to apologize. She strip down naked and joined me in the bathtub. She began to massage my click with her fingers and tongue along with the shower head. I know I should have told her to stop. It felt to good I just let her do as she pleased.
That’s when his dad joined us. He walked in the bathroom completely naked, as he had stripped naked in the hallway. I then had his mom sucking on my tits and his dad pounding my pussy. It was so taboo and something I never thought I would see myself doing. An experience I will never forget.
I used to always complain about going to visit his parents. I did not know them very well and I felt a little uncomfortable. After that evening of pleasure I was the one suggesting us go on a weekend trip to see Mommy and Daddy.38specialbanner2

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