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cbt phone sex with The Black Bitch

October 10th, 2015

cbt phone sex

You know what time it is… cbt phone sex time! And if you don’t, well then your a fucking idiot! Well the time is for me to torture you nice and slow. I know you need a little bit of pain in your life. Don’t you? Tonight your little cock is just itching to be abused by a black bitch like me looking for some cbt phone sex. Good think you caught me on the right day. Because I’m in the bitchiest mood ever and I’m ready to make you cry and that little dick just strivle right up in fear of me. Terrified is what I want you. Afraid. Sweating. Heart Racing. And begging for me to stop. But we both know that not what you really want. You want someone to push you right over the edge, right to your limits. I’m going to make sure that your huddle in the corner with your pasty knees up to your chest crying out for your mommy. But mommy won’t help you tonight baby.. Becuase I’m going to be your mommy from now on. Your brutal, bitch mommy! I’m going to torutre that cock all night long and make you beg for me to stop! But I won’t, I can’t and I’m not going to. I want to make you sure like you’ve never suffered before! I want to make those balls so aching and swollen your going to forget your own name. Better grab some ice! Your going to need it!

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Nipple stimulation play

October 10th, 2015


There are many ways to go about nipple stimulation. It might depend on my mood but personally I love the old fashioned pinching and sucking technique. I’m not sure what it is exactly but I love looking down at someone as they suck on my tits. It definitely stimulates me even down south. hehe!

Vibrators are fun to use for nipple stimulation as well. Not only do I like it done on myself but I love doing the same on others! Guys or girls. I mean we’ve all got nipples and believe it or not but they can be very arousing when touched just right! How about you pamper me a little first and play with my pretty tits. Does it turn you on? My pussy is tingling as you gently pinch one nipple and lick the other. You know that gets me hot for sure. We’re going to do some more fun stuff other than nipple play today. I know you’ll enjoy this. Not only when I stimulate you physically but I’ll get into your mind too. With my very sweet voice I will have you under a spell. This is the kind of spell you will be bound to when you’re with me. Your arousal state is increasing. Need more stimulation, hmm? Come and get it. Isabel Sweet

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Lusty Babysitter Jersey!

October 10th, 2015


Guess what! Your lusty babysitter is really missing your cock! It’s true. I’ve been thinking about the last time we fucked, and how desperate you were for more of me. You’re still feeling that same desperation, aren’t you? Mmmm.. The wifey isn’t home just yet and your kids are fast asleep. What’s it going to be huh? My mouth, or those other little holes you love toying with? Come on I’ll make you forget about the wife for a little while. She is nonexistent right now. It’s just me and you and we’ve got all the time in the world. Let’s make it dirty! Sure I can get down and dirty, so much more than your wife ever could.. Oh yeah we’re not talking about that bitch right now lol. Let’s just say that I can take much better care of you. My panties are dampening. Look what you’re doing to the babysitter! Naughty man you are, really! I love it. Now I need to unbuckle your pants and pull them down to reveal that gorgeous eye candy. You know I’m a great little cocksucker. I will remind you of that once again! I’m ready to slide your rod down my throat. Use some force why don’t you! I want to feel my face getting pounded. Seriously treat me like the BAD babysitter I know that I am!!

1-888-574-9427 – USA callers ask me for the special 20 min / $30 and it’s limited time so get it while you can.

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A Good Church Girl’s dark roleplay

October 10th, 2015

dark roleplay

In the need for something a little bit on the darker side? My father, the preacher is always teaching me about being chaste, doing the right thing, being a good person and protecting my flower… blah blah blah.. BORING. Who the fuck wants to listen to that shit? I want to be bad! I want to be dark! I want to be sexy and slutty! This church girl is ready for some dark roleplay! I know I should be a good girl! But I just can’t anymore! There are way too many things to see and do! And so many things to explore. And I want to explore them, with you. I know your into all of those dark fantasties and desires.

dark roleplay

Your one of those men that is ruled by your desires. Aren’t you? I know, my father told me all about you. I know that all your interested in is corrutping a young girl like me! But it’s totally okay! want to be corrupted! In fact, I need to be corrupted! Please break me from this spell from my father and open up my mind to new experience and even better ones! I’m so ready to go on over to the dark side! Let’s lead each other into the darkness and get really twisted together. I’m ready to be corrupted and a little bit evil tonight. What kind of dark roleplay do you have in mind for me tonight? I want to know everything!

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kortney 1-888-800-4452

The Preacher's Daughter

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Rim job phone sex session

October 10th, 2015

My ass has been twitching all week thinking about the fucking I was going to get this weekend.  I been teased so much I know I am going to get it good.  The rim job phone sex sessionsfirst thing for a good ass fucking you must start by getting it all worked loose.  The best way to do that is with a Rim job phone sex session.  First, you have to spread my legs real wide, and explore my tight pink hole.  It’s ok to go down and look first because your tongue is going to licking and sucking it so good.  I know just looking at my pictures you just imagine your tongue right there making it wet go ahead and stroke that cock.  I can just feel you slide that tongue up and down my crack.  Mmm yea, get it right in there.  Licking my ass makes me a real anal cum slut rim job phone sex just gets me so wet.

I can say if you want to get me in bed then just give me a good rim job phone sex sesson I become putty in your mouth.  Some sluts will bitch about their ass holes being played with, but not this horny slut.  I let you do it and beg for more.  I dream about your spit being used as lube.  Making your tongue just rim and probe my ass do it let it dive right in. Rim job phone sex session

When your done with me we can do a little role play I can lick yours.  I promise nothing is going to get you off harder than when I first rim your ass.  Once I get it in and dart it in and out your cock is going to shoot harder than ever before.  Don’t think when you cum I am going to stop, I will keep it up going at you harder and harder.  Let’s make it a sexy game and see how many times I can get you to cum with just rimming that ass.

You, Me getting off with a session with rim job phone sex session.

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phone sex whore dusty…

October 9th, 2015

phone sex whoreHello boys. I’m Dusty. I’m a phone sex whore here at JRS. I’m one of blonde bombshells, but i guess you already knew that by looking at my picture. I’ve been a sexy blonde almost my entire life and I love it!! I’m the kind of girl that walks into a room and all eyes are on her. I see the way men and even some woman look at me. LUST!! Pure lust in their eyes. Of course, I am the perfect woman. I have a beautiful sweet face, a nice flat stomach, long sexy legs, a tight little ass and let’s not forget about my big supple boobs. I love flaunting them. I get so much attention and I love it. It doesn’t matter whether I have on a beautiful low cut gown or a tight little tank top, men always look. I can see they wish it was them that I was going home with, not the runner up that there with. You know I already star in your fantasy’s. There’s no role I won’t play with you baby. I can be anyone you want me too, or I can just be sexy hot me. With a hot bombshell like me your options are limitless…Give me a call today and I’ll show you exactly why gentlemen prefer blondes!!footballspecial

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Dusty 1-888-629-9731

Done Dirt Cheap

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Nasty phone sex whore Niki

October 9th, 2015

nasty phone sexI got a call from a new client today and it was amazing. He was a dirty little boy, just like I like them. He waned to have a nasty phone sex session with me and I was only to happy to oblige.  I’ll call him John. He was so horny when he called we got right into it. He has a thing for a sexy tight ass, like mine. John had me get on my knees while he licked and sucked my cute little starfish. He had it flexing and opening with his tongue in no time. My cunt was dripping wet. He ran his tongue threw my pussy licking all my sweet juices. Then he got behind me and pushed into my tight little ass.John was so big and hard, pushing deeper into my little cave. I could hear his breathing change as he started pumping in and out of my ass. It turned me on, his panting and pumping  got me cumming hard. He then came too and filled my ass. When he was done he got down behind me and sucked every bit of cum from my ass. I then got to give as well as receive, I had him on his knees with my tongue buried in his ass. I knew he would be the perfect guy to use my strap on with. I fucked his ass so good. I had him cumming again. But when we were done was when we really got nasty… I squatted over his mouth and took a big dump right in his mouth. He loved my chocolate. When he swallowed it, I positioned my pussy right over his open mouth and pissed in it good. He loved it and drank it all. Of course, he returned the favor to me too…But that is what nasty phone sex is all about isn’t it. I look forward to hearing from him again….football special


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Forced cocksucking phone sex

October 9th, 2015

Come here you little bitch, it’s time for your forced cocksucking phone sex session. The past few times we practiced on toys and I know I said I wouldn’t but I’m deviant mistress and now it’s time.

I mean just because you pay me did you really expect me to take it easy on you.  Let me tell I roped you in and let you on until you were under my spell now I know all there is to know about you and you will do it.  Now I got you by the balls and you WILL do anything I want even if it means sucking a real cock.forced cocksucking phone sex

I line you up right there little bitch and take that throat.  I got just the right cock for our force cocksucking phone sex.  Some big fat black cock is nice and hard waiting for your warm mouth and ass.  Oh yea you’re going to feel it both of your sweet holes and that cock of your is going to stand right at attention.  I mean why wouldn’t it your ass being filled up, your mouth sucking what got gave you stroke it I know you want too.  After I make you get that cock all wet I will have you bend over and take it right up the fucking ass.  I want to spread apart those ass cheeks and show you what a fat cock is.forced cocksucking phone sex

While you’re taking that cock, I arranged for you down your throat I would be spanking that ass hard.  The smell of sweat and cum fills the room that is going to be the aroma that makes your dick twitch.  Don’t stop now this forced cocksucking phone sex is just the start.  Your be begging for cuckolding, chastity and you will beg to be controlled.  Before you know it, you will love every inch of that cock thinking how you ever did without me.

So submit yourself and let me show you how fun forced cocksucking phone sex  can be so erotic.

Don’t forget to ask about our specials.  want more erotic fun hit me up on twitter!

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Gagging phone sex I’ll choke on it.

October 9th, 2015

Do you want to know what’s hotter than sucking dick?  It’s gagging phone sex right on it.  There is no better way to start the weekend off than getting your dick sucked and gagged on. Shoving that dick down my velvety throat come,gagging phone sexcan’t you feel it right now? My tongue just swirls around that big fathead, I start to suck it in and slurp it.  That’s when you take my head and force it all the way down on your dick.  the harder you push the more I gag.  My throat muscles start to quiver making that dick feel so good.  Yea I know how to use gagging phone sex to my advantage.

 I want you to take those fingers and play with my clit.  Come make it hurt I want to choke right there on that fat dick.  Fuck my mouth so hard I don’t want to be able to breath.  Then pull me back and throw me down.  Come on fuck my mouth hard and let me have some gagging phone sex.  I want your hands wrapped around my throat so you can feel how good it is. gagging phone sex

I bet feel that is just going to make your cock throb harder. I want to feel all you got.  I think I need just a tiny taste of that juicy cum it will melt right in my mouth.  Don’t stop now tease me with it, take it out, and slap me across the face with it skull fuck me with that big ass cock.  I am such a cheap ass slut I can take it.  Go ahead and make me beg for it.  I can’t help but to be so orally fixated on gagging it just seems to get my juices flowing.

Finally, after that hard gagging phone sex, you’re cum fills my mouth I swallowed every drop.

 Don’t you worry your little mind I am such a dirty little freak and fun doesn’t stop now I’ll do just about anything you want to get a some gagging phone sex.

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Extra mean bitch today

October 9th, 2015

I’m a bitter extra mean bitch today. Seems as all men I encounter today are pathetic and tell me I have attitude. Mother fuckers better watch out if you can’t handle my attitude. Just because I look all sweet and sexy don’t mean I am. Yet there are some mean who enjoy a strong willed women like myself telling the what the fuck they can and can not do. I love taking my frustration out on a cock and the man the cock belongs too. I’ll break out my strap on for you to and fuck you in the ass. I’m sick of you thinking you can walk all over women and treat them like shit. Bring it to a women that can fuck your ass harder then you could even imagine. I know you will fucking love it as you beg me to stop and please please please Miss. Nova take it out. What you waiting for it’s about time you learn the hard way and I am in just the right mood bitch willing to give it to you today. So don’t be a fucking pussy and pick up the phone. I will treat you the way you treat her.

Extra mean bitch today

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