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Bukkake gang bang phone sex

February 13th, 2016

I have the best V-day gift ever. The anticipation for this has been too much and I know you been jerking off for days.  now the time has come to gather your friends for this sexy bukkake gang bang phone sex fuck fest. I can just imagine that you and those buddies have a nice surprise lined up for me. How long do you think it’s going to take you to shoot those loads in my face?  I got a foolproof outfit that’s is going to make all those dicks just pop. Imagine me walking in with stockings boots and a body to kill for I know you can’t take your eyes off me.  Don’t you feel the smell of hunger and hardcore bukkake gang bang phone sex in the air?bukkake gang bang phone sex

Think you ought to bring me in and strip me right there bend me over sliding your own cock in me and pounding me till you are about to cum. be a man and pull out and splatter my face with your juices. You know I like it rough after the first fuck the gloves are off for your friends to do with me what they want.  I’m bent over surrounded by hungry filled cocks looking for their place to push that load on out.  When is finished and I suck him clean another cock takes his place, I love getting fucked.  Get me filled a hard cock in each hand over filling them, pounding a hard dick deep in my cunt while another is in my tight shit hole.bukkake gang bang phone sex

Don’t think I am slut I am such a good brat I do everything that is asked. I climb to the floor bring those cocks to me now I need some bukkake gang bang phone sex.  Fill me to the brim and give me all you have.  When it’s done I’ll be begging to do this again soon.

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GFE Phone sex let’s have lustful desires

February 13th, 2016

Valentine’s day is right and now and who needs to have just one woman in mind.  That’s why the “girlfriend experience” GFE Phone sex is so popular.  There are absolutely no commitment or next day calls.  I am a one fuck GFE Phone sexkind of slut.  I know all you busy men don’t have time for real relationships or even to date.  We all need that quick release and a smoking hot fuck to hang out with.   I am just not like other sluts you have talked to I love giving my calls the personal touch and making sure you are completely satisfied.  Not everything is about sex sometimes the GFE phone sex can be about friendship someone to talk about your day with or just to feel that kinky need you have.

GFE Phone sexSeduction is a big part of this GFE phone sex it’s entirely genuine.  I want you not only be completely aroused but to be completely turned on.  I want that cock to be throbbing every time you hear my voice.  I want the bond between us to become a lustful attraction.  I want the dirty energy to fill our call making this the most erotic experience you will have.  By the time we are done you won’t need a full-time girlfriend.  I will satisfy every kinky desire known to man.

Imagine us being alone in a hot tub surrounded by bubbling campaign listening to some classical artist absorbing the night.  I don’t ask for much just to be pampered and for you to carry on your way when you’re finished.  Is it too much to want to ask for the night to be filled with our fantasies?  Whatever you daydream about allow me to fill those desires.  My warm, warm body is filling your mommy son desires.  It’s ok to snuggle up against my warm soapy breasts.  I crave it too.  Now let’s make a night of a GFE Phone sex experience.

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Sydney 1-888-869-5769

Dirty MILF Sydney

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Dildo play phone sex let’s get it on!

February 12th, 2016

I have always been a little freaky and let me tell you this dildo play phone sex isn’t going to be the kinkiest yet.  My husband is oh so annoying he won’t even watch me masturbate.   What kind of man doesn’t like to watch his wife get off??? I can’t wait for him to get with the times this little cheating wife is on the prowl looking for a good fuck todildo play phone sex Dildo play phone sexmake me cum hard.  I bet you’re the one that would even help me with the dildo play phone sex.  Taking the time to get me all juicy and then shoving that plastic toy right in.  Watch me as I pump it in me deep sliding it around making me just cum hard. 

After you help me with my cunt, next is that puckered brown asshole.  Yea I want so bad to get that fucked slide that plastic dick right in.  it’s so hot while I’m fucking my ass it’s getting my cunt ready for you.   I know you love playing a few games like this maybe this cheating wife can show you a thing or two.    Let’s turn the tables I know that ass is begging to be played with.   

Let’s get kinky and slide that right into there.  Mm, watch how your cock gets so hard.   I start to pump yes just like I thought you had a secret dildo play phone sex fantasy too.  The harder I thrust the more your cock responds I can’t help but slide my mouth right around it.  Pump pump that ass, sucking that mushroom head go ahead and let those balls explode I need a healthy dose of cum. Now that’s something that I never get at home.

Just thinking about all this dildo play phone sex is making my cunt throb, I need this more than you think now to get your ass over here and give me good loving.

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Remey 1-866-501-8607

Wild Remey

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Cum covered feet

February 12th, 2016


My older son loves my feet. He can’t get enough of them! Seriously I catch him lurking through my shoe collection all the time. He knows he’s not supposed to be doing that but it’s also arousing when I find him “playing” with my shoes. I’ve caught him jacking off all over a pair of heels and flip flops too. Last night it happened again. All I did was leave the house for about 15 minutes so I could visit the convenience store. Then I come back and what do you know! He’s in my bedroom and has a pair of high heels wrapped around his cock.. Tsk tsk!

But you know me, I’m turned on just by looking at his throbbing cock. My son is so aroused by my feet and shoe that I can’t help but have a little fun. So I closed the bedroom door behind me and told him to keep going. I wanted to watch my hot older son stroke his hard cock with my shoes. My son admitted to me that my feet turn him on – a lot.

I wanted to make his day. Yes, he was a bad boy for sneaking into my room without my permission.. But I thought I would go easy on him this time. He really is a good boy when he tries. So I decided that teasing his cock with my sexy feet would be a great way to bond with him! My feet toyed with his shaft and tip for quite a while. I was loving the moans he was making. Yum. My son! He was in for a treat when I commanded him to cum all over the soles of my feet.

Roses are red, pretty and thorny
Purrfect helps when you are horny…
15 min / $20 Must request the special! usa only. XOXO

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Your accomplice, Karsyn

February 12th, 2016

accomplice phone sex


My friend Jay needed an accomplice and so I was gonna be it! I know what he enjoys the most. Yes a good accomplice adventure of course but he likes his victims on the younger side. Much younger. As do I to be perfectly honest. It’s just so much fun ripping away the innocence from a young cutie! If that makes me fucked up then so be it.. Jay doesn’t mind anyway! He was lusting over a little redhead cutie down at the park. Oh my god she was adorably hot! hehe So I knew we had to have her because the conditions were right.. She was all by her lonesome and I thought why not try to befriend her? That would be the easiest way to get her into Jay’s car without making a scene. When they’re that young it isn’t that hard to convince them that you’re just their friend, haha! She said she lived just down the road. Her mommy wasn’t around and her daddy’s mean. Well I told that she could hang out with me and we would have some fun. The poor thing didn’t realize that the “fun” would be more fun for me and my friend Jay… Whom she didn’t know about yet. So I told her to follow me to the car. Jay’s windows are tinted to almost pitch black. She couldn’t see him but I got into the backseat with her. That’s when she figured out that things weren’t looking good for her… Yes she started to struggle. Jay locked every door and I grabbed a chloroform cloth he had saved for me and put it over her mouth and nose. That knocked her out quick.

Mmm she was so sexy! I couldn’t help but feel her body up and down while we drove to Jay’s place. Fuck I wanted to abuse her so bad already. Jay watched me in the rear-view mirror as I slipped my hand down her panties… Of course you want to find out what happened next! We used that little bitch for hours. It was well worth it!


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Karsyn 1-877-440-7005

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Sissy cuckolding phone sex

February 12th, 2016

I bet you have a secret fetish you always wanted to act out but couldn’t bring yourself to perform it don’t you?  To be honest, I have one too mine is to turn you into a sissy cuckolding phone sex bitch.  Yea I imagine you locked and tied sissy cuckolding phone sexto a chair, blindfolded waiting for a fetish to start. You hear the door open, and you just know it’s a gigolo with a huge cock.  He walks right over and looks at yours and laughs.  You hear a masculine voice speak you never satisfy her with a tiny cock like that.

You know he’s huge by my screams, but that sissy cuckolding phone sex takes over. All you can think about is how little your clitty is, and you will never feel like a man, so you forced to this phone sex and serving a degrading mistress like myself.  Your wife left you to be a real man; you knew she was fucking around by the cum stains on the sheets and the filled pussy.   After feeling alone, you didn’t have a choice you needed a mistress.  Now your locked and can’t touch that clitty.  Time after time you hear me get fucked and pounded wishing you could do that to me.  You feel so humiliated for the nasty shit I make you do.  Just like last week when you defied me I made you lick the floor of the adult store.  You licked it all clean and even those toilet lids.  I still made you dress up and whore your body out for your tribute.sissy cuckolding phone sex

I do get off telling my friends and “real” lovers about my sissy slaves.  There is no reason not to call me as you can tell your pathetic life is an open book to me.  Sissy cuckolding phone sex is now your life and you are owned by me.

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Officer Kross

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Mommy son phone sex

February 11th, 2016

Are you looking for some erotic play with mommy son phone sex? I know just what my son’s needs.  I’ve been Mommy son phone sexwaiting so long for you to come of age when I can take my place and show you.  I Mommy son phone sex have fantasized about this very moment when you come to your mommy and ask for that one thing that only I can give you.  Mommy son phone sex isn’t for every family, but it’s just right for this one.

Your daddy left us a long time ago he knew just what I wanted to do to you, and he couldn’t handle it so he up and left us.  I planned our first time from that moment.  I wanted it to be a tad unique as special as it could be.  First let’s start by cuddling, I want you to snuggle right in between those tits. Feel that warmth knowing that when you were younger, you hungered just for them.  You sucked that milk right out, and I begged you to continue. I only stopped breastfeeding when the school told me I couldn’t come in and do it anymore.  Now it’s time to see right where you came from I open my legs and show you my cunt.  You know you have the perfect thing to fit right in, and I promise it will be a perfect match.  I delayed having other boyfriends I all I ever needed was you.  There is nothing wrong with our mommy son phone sex relationship it’s just different from others.

What secret desires do you have for me; I know you want to feel me orgasm just as you do.  Go ahead and slide that thick mushroom head in me. Watch me climb the walls cause my son is making me cum.  Don’t be shy I wanted this mommy son phone sex just as much as you.

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Nasty auntie phone sex

February 11th, 2016

 There you are your nasty auntie phone sex destiny has been waiting for you.  I have so much planned for our weekend together.  I know you’re a virgin, and I am the auntie who’s going to change that. Now let’s start off with Nasty Auntie phone sexgetting a wee bit more comfortable that’s right take those slacks right off. It’s ok to sit around in our underwear. I know you love seeing me in mine. I bet you’re just like me and need a little more visual stimulation.  I get right up and put on a porn that’s right nasty auntie phone sex is going to show you all about the birds and the bees.

I know when you were younger I was the highlight of your dirty little fantasies.  I even caught you masturbating with your brother with the pictures I left out.  Tell me did my cunt tease that cock.

Now I’m not like those little sluts around your neighborhood; this nasty auntie phone sex is real.  I have a hairy bush and full tits I like to bring you young bucks right into manhood.  I’ll make each orgasm better than the rest.  I’ll show you what can make that dick pop in a blink of an eye.  When you’re ready, I’ll spread my legs and lay right back allowing your tongue to explore my inner folds of my cunt. 

Nasty auntie phone sex

Listen as my mature voice moans to your tiny tongue and fingers probing me in and out.  Go ahead and stick that tongue in me. It’s best to teach you what is hot right from the start.  Before it’s all said and done, I’ll make you my little love slave.  Isn’t this nasty auntie phone sex the best?  When you’re done making me cum and take that virginity and turn you into a man. We can sit around and cuddle I love being your nasty auntie phone sex.

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Nympho phone sex sluts Olive & Sabrina

February 11th, 2016

nympho phone sexHi there. We’re Sabrina and Olive. We’re nympho phone sex sluts and we need some cock bad. We haven’t had any yet today and our pussy’s are so fucking wet. I know we’re a lot to handle but we’re well worth it. You know you’ve always had that fantasy of having two sexy little sluts all over you. We love playing together. We just need you, andnympho sluts phone sex that big fat cock of yours ramming into our sweet little bald pussy’s.  Can you imagine how good it would be with all of us? Our hot naked bodies rubbing against you. I know you want to run your hands over both our bodies. Feel how silky soft our skin is. You feel good too. I like the feel of my tits rubbing against your chest and watching you sucking on hers. That’s right baby, squeeze those big titties hard, she likes it when you nibble on her nipples too. We’re gonna slide our hands down to your cock. Can you feel us stroking you? She loves squeezing your balls. Feel me slide down your body suck on the tip of your cock while she sits on your face. mmm.. I know she tastes yummy. So fucking sweet. Get her pussy nice and wet baby, I’ll take care of getting your cock rock hard. I know your ready baby, she’s gonna slide off your face and right onto your cock. I’m gonna lick her pussy while she rides your big fat dick. Her pussy’s so tight isn’t it? I know she feels amazing, she tastes that way too. Oh yeah baby, fucking pound her little cunt…that’ right..there she goes, squirting all over us. Let me lick her clean. I”ll just get on my knees for you. Come up from behind and fuck my tight little ass. I like it hard and rough. Oh yes, grab me by my hair and make me your bitch….Oh yes, baby, I felt you cum in my ass, it feel it running into my pussy. Let me just lay down here while she cleans me up. She loves licking that hot cum out of my pussy…So you see, all that’s missing is you. So give us nympho phone sex sluts a call for some 2 girls calls to action!VDAYSPEcial

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Naughty neighbor phone sex with Bonnie

February 11th, 2016

naughty neighbor phone sexI’m so horny lately. Well, hornier than usual. I guess I’ve hit my peak sexually. I just need cock all the time. Even when I’m sleeping I dream about big hard cocks and creamy cum. This morning I woke up so horny I knew I needed to get laid. I thought for a minute who would be up so early. There was my neighbor. I could get into some naughty neighbor phone sex. His wife left for work early and he never left till hours later. I looked across the street and her car was just pulling out of the drive way. Perfect timing. I took off my pj’s and just slipped on my robe and slippers. I grabbed a cup and went over. Glen answered in his robe. I told him I was out of coffee and could I bum a cup. He invited me in and I sat down on the couch while he poured me a cup. He sat down next to me and when I reached over for my coffee and I let my robe “accidentally” fall open. He smiled and asked if I was looking for a little fun. I smiled back and said I never turn down some fun.

He took my coffee and put it on the table. He pushed me back on the couch and undid my robe all the way. I felt his hot wet tongue on my pussy and I moaned. I think it turned him on because he proceeded to eat my pussy till I came. Twice! I was so ready for cock by then. I sat up and undid his robe. Well, I was happily  surprised when I looked down and he had this huge fat hard cock. I never expected him to be so large. I sucked on it, licking my way down to his balls. He really liked that. By the time I had him deep in my mouth I could taste his pre-cum on my tongue. I didn’t want him cumming before I got to feel that big cock in me so i sat up and climbed right on top of his dick. He filled me up good, stretching my cunt out while I rode him. I was cumming all over his cock within minutes. When he felt that warm gush of cum on his cock he unloaded his jizz deep inside me. What a great morning fuck he turned out to be. When we were done he told me to come by for coffee more often. I told him I definitely would. If your like me and just need to get off…well give me a call. I’m always ready for some cock!!!output_4Lv9Ld

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