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Seducing my piano teacher

August 27th, 2015


Seducing is my specialty

Well this school year I’ve decided to take on piano lessons! It’s something I have wanted to do for a while now. But let me tell you something.. I never expected my teacher to be so damn good looking. I was actually expecting an old lady to greet me at my house, but that wasn’t the case. This man shows up at my door, telling me he works in the music department at my college, and would be my piano teacher. Holy fuck I was ready for him to step inside my house and see what would happen.. Then I thought to myself “OH yeah! It’s about learning the piano today, not fucking around..” Well dirty little me didn’t want to play innocent. Sure I tried to keep myself contained but it didn’t last long. So I greeted him with a smile and politely told him to come in. We talked about what I would be learning for the day. We finally sat down at the piano together. I just kept smiling as he explained the keys to me.

We kept getting off the subject of piano lessons though! It was mostly my fault. I enjoyed distracting him. I scooted closer to him. He looked into my eyes as I told him that the piano wasn’t really on my mind. I couldn’t concentrate. I slipped the straps of my tank top down. He could see my beautiful cleavage. His eyes were glowing. I took my hand and placed it on his thigh. Seducing this guy was so much fun. A hot teacher like that needs some risky business! Stacee

Seducing Stacee

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Mama didn’t raise no fool, I’m a psychotic bitch!

August 27th, 2015

Mama didn't raise no foolMy Mama didn’t raise no fool. Maybe a psychotic bitch but no fool. Thinking back wondering from time to time. I ask myself how in the hell did I become to psychotic and corrupted? Well think of it this way. My mother was a medicated psychotic bitch. I remember her bringing men home fucking them like crazy, keeping them around for a while until she got sick of them and then make them miserable fuckers that either just left on their own never to be seen or heard from again or she would dispose of them in one way or another to make them be gone. I would lay in bed at night listening to the screaming as she would try to tell them to leave and they would beg for her forgiveness and try to stay. She would reach over to her night stand and take out which ever clever, carving knife or hatchet, that she thought would work best to take care of her problems as she would say. On more then one occasion I seen her chop them up and feed them to the dog. Her favorite was when she would chop off there cock and balls and make the guys watch as the dog ate every last bite before she would finish him off. I am a sweet and nice till you get to know me. Just remember I come by being a psychotic bitch honestly. I have learned from the best

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August 27th, 2015

submissionOne night I went for a walk along a wooded path, stumbling occasionally on a few rocks and fallen branches before eventually falling. It was then that I felt a large hand upon my shoulder helping me up but not before I heard the deep gruff voice tell me to look straight ahead and to not make a sound. Startled, I attempted to turn and protest but a flash of shiny metal caught my eye as the man placed a large knife to my throat. I froze in fear as he gently pushed me forward coaxing me ahead. I walked slowly, stumbling in the thick brush underfoot. He held tightly to my arm as glimpses of the knife could be seen from the corner of my eye.

I whispered quietly to him asking where he was taking me. He remained quiet as we trudged deeper into the woods. He placed the blade at my throat and a hand on my shoulder pushing me to my knees.  Within seconds a dark bag or hood of some sort was placed over my head and my arms were pulled tightly behind my back. He placed his heavy booted foot between my knees and pushed them wide apart. He tied me at my elbows and wrists then crossed my ankles before tying them as well. He tied my wrists securely to my bound ankles this is how he forced me into submission.

He moved from behind me. Standing me front of me now, I could feel the warmth of his presence before me. He inched a bit closer before I felt his hard cock as he rubbed it against my lower cheek and chin. He tugged at my hard nipples, pulling them and pinching them.  I struggled to keep my balance on the uneven rocky surface.

I was almost disappointed when he stopped. I then felt him approach me and once again the knife beneath my jaw. He moved it to my lips and used the blade to part them before pressing his swollen cockhead to my mouth.

Do you want to take control and finish this fantasy with me? I’m so horny thinking about this fantasy of submission and I need your help to finish it and we can both cum together!!!

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Lick It Up

August 27th, 2015

lick it up with monica

I know exactly what you desire right now. You just walked in on my fucking someone else, I can see how hard your dick is baby. I know you want to lick this strangers cum right out of all my tight holes. You can see his cum running down my thigh from my tight little pussy. Yes I saw you lick your lips at the thought of being able to lick up all his sticky goo from me. So, get over here baby, lick it up. I need to be cleaned and you are the only one who does it right. I just waiting for your tongue to be all over me so I can see his cum dripping from your mouth. He He. You like this, don’t you? Well guess what, why don’t you go find me some more men to fuck, so you can have all the cum you want baby. I know you are a dirty cum slut. You thrive on this, just like I do! If you are in the mood for some cuckolding phone sex, then I am the one to call. I will let you lick up all the cum from my body. These men love to cum everywhere on me, so you get to clean my body from head to toe baby. Call me!

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Anal with Daddy

August 27th, 2015


A gorgeous bubble butt for Daddy to spank and drill! That’s how he likes it. It’s no wonder why I love Anal with Daddy. I’ve been trained to be his purrfect Lil whore! Thank goodness I was born with those proper assets that he adores so much. Anal with Daddy is on my mind. Honestly the man is often on my mind. That big cock of his gets my tiny pussy very wet. Like more wet than any little boy my age could ever do! No boy could fill my ass up anyway.

The way his big shaft feels inside my tight hole gets me screaming. The pain is totally worth it though. The more he drills his large cock inside me the harder and faster I need it! I’m openly admitting that I’m a very naughty girl indeed, Hehehe. I love being the naughty girl of Daddy’s perverted dreams. He’s so sexy and knows how to make this bad girl obey. I can’t help but get wet at the sight of him stroking his cock for me. The pumping sound it makes when he strokes for me over the phone turns me on… I need that large dose of Daddy’s dick!

Cutie Pie Maddie

Anal with Daddy

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Nasty whorish I’m going to be dripping.

August 27th, 2015

Come on I bet you’re a horny fuck aren’t you? Well I got some nasty whorish topics that are sure to make your cock nasty whorishthrob.  I am such a fucking nasty whore you loves getting dirty.  I will fuck you while I fuck my daughter just to have an orgasm.  So many horny dicks in the neighborhood are bragging because they were fucked by the nasty whorish mom around.  He he that’s me!  I am such a party animal I have the house with the biggest heated pool and let me tell you not one has complained when I hopped in naked.

I really loved the fact I have an endless supply of cock, so of my favorites are heading off to college and leaving their little brother behind.  I will have so much fresh blood. Well I have big plans coming up for this weekend.  This Labor Day is going to be the best, I am going to say good-bye to all my college freshmen’s and give them a good-bye fuck.  I want them to remember me when they have that fuck with a nasty whorish slut at college.  I know I’m the one that broke them in like a wild horse.nasty whorish

Maybe while were waiting for the weekend you can call me and we can pick out my perfect outfit.  I know I want the hottest fuck me heels and tightest dress that my tits hang out.  If it doesn’t make my ass dare to be touched then it isn’t the right outfit for me.  Do you think you could come over and shoot a load on my face while I let them fuck the hell out of me?  I want fucked so much that my pussy will be throbbing and dripping cum for a week.  Now tell me isn’t that the best nasty whorish idea? I’m so hot right now why should I wait for the weekend lets fuck now!

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Sydney 1-888-869-5769

Dirty MILF Sydney

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August 27th, 2015

64bd2c86c71b2f75fcf6db474d1561e4.mp4-1 (1)Sissy Boys….. my favorite callers.  I love humiliating me some Sissy Boys.  He called me to be laughed at and ridiculed.  He was wearing his sheer thong panties, his corset, thigh high stockings, a mini skirt, his favorite eye shadow and lip gloss…. Laughing my ass off I told him to take that ridiculous fucking skirt off!  Like he has the legs for a mini skirt! He readily complies while telling me all the things he loves to shove in his man cunt!  We get started right away with the Strap!  I love to fucking punish my Sissy’s.  Each time he brings that strap down and I hear that “Twack”! Then I make him twist his nipples as hard as he can while I am screaming at him how fucking perverted he in running around the house finding things to shove in his ass… Really? I make him strap his ass hard.  All of a sudden I hear a humming!  I yell “do you have a vibrator?”….”oh yes Mistress I forgot to tell you.”  As I gather more information I find out that he has a butt plug in!!!! I punish him by making him remove all objects from his man cunt!  He won’t push anything else in there without my permission! I tease and taunt him because I know that he wants his plug back….fuck no no no!

When he is finally back in my good graces I order him to shove that fucking nasty plug back in…. plus I want him to try to shove all three of the 6 inch vibrators that he has handy…. Oh he loves his Mistress Sapphire now!  I make him tell me what his little tiny cock is doing, he tells me it’s dripping all over his panties… hard… at his full length of 5 ½ inches.  When he tells me how small it is I am laughing while I’m telling him “no fucking wonder you like dressing like a chic!”  “You can’t satisfy a woman with that little tiny clitty.  That little pathetic cock that wouldn’t hurt a fly!”  Now I’m just read to fuck his gaping fucking hole cuz I feel so sorry for him and his pathetic tiny clitty!

I tell him to imagine me behind him with my huge strap on fucking his already full pussy!  He pants and moans as I describe each and every time I would POUND HIS MAN TWAT!  Then I scream at him to take that huge dildo he talked about to shove down his throat!  I want him gagging on that huge dildo thinking about sucking my cock!  He’s so fucking excited!  He blew his load all over his silky stockings…. My job here is done!  Do you have to be humiliated by the best? Told that you are fucking pathetic?  That your dick couldn’t satisfy a church mouse?  That you are so fucking perverted wearing those clothes that nobody will ever fucking want you?  Then you need to call me because I can deliver!!! 

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Insatiable for cock

August 27th, 2015

Love GabbyBlondes do it better! It’s a fact: We are the sexiest and we love to fuck too. Every guy needs a feisty blonde bombshell to play with. If you haven’t had a hot blonde teen like me you’re really missing out. I have no limits, no taboos, as long as it gets my pussy wet I can talk about everything. I’m the complete package deal, a beautiful blonde bombshell with brains… what gets better than that? Oh and I’m addicted to older men and rubbing my little pussy… I’m insatiable for Cock and even with as much sex as I have I still find the time to have more. Phone sex, one night stands & masturbating, I can’t get enough of it all! My hand is pretty much on my on my clit 24/7. There’s plenty of me for everyone – and when everyone wants a piece of hot blonde ass what am I supposed to do? I want to share myself with all, so every man can have a taste from the fine blonde hairs on my pussy. Is that so wrong?! I swear I can’t get enough of sex with everybody. Sometimes when I can’t get enough Cock I even seduce men when I know better. Hee Hee all the cock in the world can’t please me baby! But if you think you can do it, give me a try (; 

30 MINUTES/$50.00

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They love their favorite Pole Dancer Briegh!

August 26th, 2015

384881bc7bI feel the beat of the music as I stroll out.  The spotlights feel warm on my skin as I move my body to the music.  As I twirl on the pole I hear the shouts of the audience encouraging me to slowly disrobe.  I lift my hand behind my back unclasping the little white lace bra dropping my shoulder so the silky lace slides down my arms.  Moving my hands up and down my body over my breasts hardening my nipples, feeling my smooth flawless skin I am turned on knowing that each set of eyes are boring in to my body.  I do another slow twirl on the pole letting my head fall back so the men can admire the slender curve of my neck and back.  They are enchanted.  I roll onto the dance floor letting my legs fall open giving a peek to my sweet cunny.  I lift my bottom off the floor on my 5 inch platform stiletto slowly lowering my white lace thong giving my admirer’s their first real look at my sweet luscious pussy.  They cheer me on as I thrust my hips in the air.  They want to be over me, all of them, thrusting their cocks in my sweet pussy. I stand up moving my body in sensual motion bending over to grab my heels giving them full access.  My pussy is glistening with sweet juice from feeling their eyes fucking me.  They are on their feet cheering throwing money at me as I continue the song.  They love their favorite Pole Dancer Briegh!

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Naughty Teacher

August 26th, 2015

Naughty TeacherHave you ever had that one teacher in school or college that was the naughty teacher and broke all the rules? I like to think of myself as that teacher. I don’t have a problem with having sexual encounters with my students. Think about it I am a sexual education teacher and you know damn well my class will make you fucking horny especially with a teacher that looks and dresses like me.
I love getting my students hot and horny, creaming in there boxers or panties for me. Yes I said it panties. Just last night I had a class. I was wearing a skirt and purposely sat on the table in the front of my classroom in front of one of my female students so I could get her excited. I wanted to lick that little cunt of hers so bad. She is straight and in a serious relationship with her boyfriend. However that didn’t matter to me. I caught her looking up my skirt at my pretty pussy a million times. She had no clue I noticed that the crotch of her panties was dripping wet and I knew she liked what she saw. I kept her after class and asked her if something had been distracting her. She tried to play it off that she was fine just a strange day. That is when I put my hand between her legs and rubbed. Not saying a word I began to kiss her and massage her dripping wet cunt. Call me for the rest of the story……….

fucking a housewife

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Madame 888 579 9387

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