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No Taboo Phone Sex is for you and me, without any limits!

April 19th, 2014


No Taboo Phone SexYou’ve seen girls like me in your magazines; I could not be any more God damn sexy. (Forgive me father thou shall not use your name in vain). Oh, but God, when I am being pounded so good all I can scream “Oh God YESSSSSSSS!” If it feels this damn good is it a sin? How can this sin feel so good? I don’t think it’s a sin to love I’ve got the prettiest, pinkest pussy around and I can’t wait to sin over and over again. You want me, I know you do, and I want you, I will do anything for that dick, you know it’s true. I’m a perfect Christian woman to everyone who doesn’t really know me, but you know me. You know how wet I get as soon as I hear your breathing get harder, how horny you make me when you tell me to call you “Yes Sir.” You don’t find a woman like me every day, I am the type of woman you can bring home, and fuck the shit out of for hours on end. My sex drive in endless, and I am shameless, because my lord, my father, he forgives me for my dirty sins, and all my dirty thoughts. He forgives me for all my toys and for the no-taboo phone sex I do every chance I get.  You want me to call you Daddy? No problem. You want to spread my legs wide and shove your dick into this tight pink pussy? I can’t wait! Call me and help me sin, and of course cum. I’m willing to help you cum also, just like a good Christian woman!

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Remey 1-866-501-8607

Wild Remey

This Sinful Phone Sex blog written by Remey.
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Nasty Mommy Phone Sex

April 18th, 2014

nasty mommy phone sex Are you horny babe? How about some Nasty Mommy Phone Sex with me. I’m Mommy Logan. And I am pretty well known. I like my sex nasty and dirty, and wild and kinky. I am a mommy pervert. I love young cock. I will take any cock really. I am a slut for cock.  But the cock I crave most is young cock. And thanks to my kids I get to have that young stuff every once in awhile. When they are home from school they bring  a lot of their friends around and it’s Anything goes around here. I have always been free and easy with Sex. I guess that is why my husband divorced me. He wasn’t enough for me. And he started catching me with the service guys. The plumber, the mechanic, the painter. Whomever came around. I just couldn’t help myself.  Doing phone sex helps me enjoy my masturbation time so much more. It just gets me off so good to have that voice on the other end of the phone stroking while I finger my pussy or fuck my ass with one of my toys.  And I love when my caller tells me what to do with my toys. I love hearing my caller cum hard it gets me off so good. I am not shy about loving sex either. I have neighbors that know I have visitors and what they come for. I don’t care. I catch the neighbor guys watching me from their windows. I don’t close my curtains or pull my shades. I love showing off my sexy body. I am in the mood to really get off good why don’t you call me for some Nasty Mommy Phone Sex. Remember Anything goes when you play with Mommy Logan. I want to get your cock off so good. 

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logan 1-866-488-8523

Sinful Mommy Logan

This Sinful Phone Sex blog written by logan.
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White Easter Phone Sex

April 18th, 2014

White EasterI’m dreaming of a white Easter. Just like the ones, well you get the idea. Party party snort some snow, feel the flow and be a hoe. That was my motto. I couldn’t help myself I love to party all the time. What ginger girl don’t like to party, you tell me that. I love being a sexy little ginger girl; snorting the snow and having you join me. It makes me all horny and hot.

The tingling feeling it sends thru my body as you are taking your cock out and stroking on it. As you begin playing in the snow with me on Easter morning, we can roll in it and fuck in it lick it and blow it. All the fun to be had on Easter morning with all the gifts the Easter Bunny was so nice to bring to us to share.

The snow is falling from the sky and I am flying up in the sky naked and cold my nipples waiting to be warmed up on point. I’ll give u a blow in the snow if you give me some green grass when the snow is gone that the Easter Bunny as left for me.

Let me fuck you and suck you and share in the blow before you let lose your load and blow down my throat with your big cock, release that load of cum, cum bucket Lyric waiting and begging for it. I’m more horny then you know; this little ginger girl in the Easter snow.

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Lyric 1(877)990-9790

Sinful Lyric

This Sinful Phone Sex blog written by Lyric.
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Deviant Phone Sex With Krack Whore Jane

April 16th, 2014

Deviant Phone SexGuess who volunteered to host the annual Easter egg hunt in the back yard of her trailer?  It’s me of course! I can’t wait for the little ones to start lining up to get into my yard. I plan to do a little “shopping” for some of the p-cock friends of mine while the brats are here. I’ve been making a list of all the things that I want. You all know that a huge bag of my rock candy medicine is at the top of that list. My supply has been a little lean lately, but all that is about to change. This is the best idea I have had in a long time. It’s also a fun topic for Deviant Phone Sex! I love to share all of your twisted, p-cock fantasies. Together we cum up with some hot, deviant fantasies! I’m planning on doing something VERY naughty with some of the eggs that I hide for certain special, little brats. The ones that are in the most demand with p-cocks like you. I can’t say here, rules are rules, ya know? But I would LOVE to share my plan with you when you call. It’s hardcore and twisted, but that’s why you all love playing in my fantasies with me, isn’t it? Just thinking about it has this p-slut pussy of mine wet and tingling! 

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Jane 1-877-440-7007

Feed Teen Jane's Addiction!

This Sinful Phone Sex blog written by Jane.
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Financial Domination Phone Sex, Have You Paid Your Hadley Tax?

April 16th, 2014


You don’t get to take a spring break panty boy.  Not unless I feel like letting you. Did you pay your Hadley Tax?   You have no idea what I have in store for you but I can tell you that its not a break.  Its Financial Domination Phone Sex.  I know the government is taxing you and I am no different.  You owe me.  A Hadley Tax for being your greatest dream and your worst nightmare at the same time.  It take a certain something to pull this off and you have found it.  How dare you even pass by without a tip or a gift card or a nice long call.

I know I am a mystery to you but I also know you owe me tithes. Tithes for being Goddess Hadley.  This is a religious time for Easter and a tax time to pay up.  All the stars are aligned to be giving me gifts and I am letting you know right now.  Its what makes me happy and what is required of you to even attempt to satisfy me and associate myself with you by providing you with Financial Domination Phone Sex .

I don’t know how you are going to get it but I Know you owe it to me.  You have been looking at my picture and stroking yourself off for so long now and its time to pay.  Actually, even if you have been paying me , its time to pay me more.

You should have contributed to my bank account just because you imagined how I might smell. And to have the idea of how my pussy might smell is a thing to be paying for big.  See?  There you go again!  I just caught you imagining.

I know whats been going on in your mind about me and that’s the kind of nasty stuff I need to be reimbursed for.  It’s not something you can just imagine about a goddess like me.  It will happen.  You will lose the money somehow.  The right thing to do is call me and give it directly to me willingly. -LOVE HADLEY, 1-(888)550-5260

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Hadley 1 (888)550-5260

Panty Princess

This Sinful Phone Sex blog written by Hadley.
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Smoking Fetish Phone Sex with Venus

April 16th, 2014

smoking fetish phone sexMy Uncle Frank is a very wealthy man but he is very, very stingy with his money. I found a way around that though, you see my uncle has a smoking fetish and every single time he sees me light up a cigarette, he is willing to do whatever I ask. Just yesterday, I went to his house to ask him to buy me a new car because the one I have now is totaled and at first he was telling me no, he couldn’t afford it, blah, blah, blah, excuse after excuse, until I lit up a cigarette. As soon as I inhaled for the first time he was hypnotized by the smoke, his cock was rock hard and he was putty in my hands. I just lit up one cigarette after another until he went to the safe and pulled out enough money for a brand new car and handed it to me. I was ready to leave then, after all, I had what I came for but he stopped me. He told me that since I had made his cock hard, I would have to get him off so I sank right down to my knees and opened my mouth like a good girl. I let him fuck my face until I gagged then he bent me over and fucked me hard until he filled my pussy with cum. And then I went car shopping! *giggles*

Do you have a smoking fetish too? Call me today and you can get 30 minutes of hot smoking fetish phone sex for only $50!

US callers only/limited time

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Venus (888) 579-7476

Goddess of Love

This Sinful Phone Sex blog written by Venus.
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MILF Phone Sex with Naughty Neighbor Sydney~

April 16th, 2014

For the Hottest in MILF Phone Sex, Call nasty slut “neighbor” Sydney… A housewife for too many years and now divorced, I don’t get the same kind of attention I am used to. At least a daily fuck is what I required of my husband… but then again, that’s exactly why I kicked him out eventually!! Haha! I couldn’t see much of anything cumming from a man who just liked to keep me home, barefoot and pregnant all the time while he went out and was at the office all day. What a restless boring life, I used to lead…  A constant dick around was the only thing he was really good for, until even that went awry. I’m a very very sexual creature, Especially since I’ve had my children. My husband never seemed to understand that the more I had kids, the more my hormones raged harder and harder each time. They are all almost grown now and Mommy is STILL getting hotter, haha, I swear! My daughter is quite the spoiled self-absorbed little cunt so she doesn’t notice it much (unless I’m stealing her boyfriends) but my sons have definitely taken note and “help” their mother from time to time with my “issues” All their friends wish they had a horny Mommy like me but I keep telling them there is enough to go around. I just need the right situation and no one looking that I could get in trouble by! Perhaps you’re older and would like to fantasy age-play with me… That’s alrighty by me, too! I love it all. The dirtier -the better, honey!  

Sinful Sydney at your service  



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Sydney 1-888-869-5769

Dirty MILF Sydney

This Sinful Phone Sex blog written by Sydney.
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Cum Slut Phone Fuck!

April 15th, 2014

cum slut phone sex

Daddy loves his little cum slut! The smell and taste is such a turn on. Daddy taught me how to take one load to the next. He brought the little cum lover out of me! hehe. The other night two of his friends came over to have a few beers and play with me. When they come over I always expect them to get rowdy. When they get rowdy that means they like to get rough with my tight body. Daddy loves telling his friends how much of a cum lover I am. They know I love to taste cum and feel it creaming my holes. So as you can imagine, it didn’t take long until daddy’s friends were wanting to play. I could feel their hands reaching all over my body. The smell of alcohol still fresh on their breath too. One of them stuck his tongue down my throat while the other ripped my skirt, panties, and blouse off. Daddy had his cock out and already stroking! He walked up to me while I was being tongued and groped. He whispered in my ear “Is my babygirl craving some cum?” and immediately I nodded and that’s when daddy took the lead. He wanted first dibs on his little girl before anyone else! He undressed himself and sat on the couch. His friends had to wait their turn. Daddy told me to sit down on his lap, facing his friends.. I slowly sat on daddy’s cock. I could feel it inching inside. Daddy has his little slut trained to take cock! He pumped fast and was about to spray his load.. but then he told me to get off and get on my knees. He sprayed my entire face with his sticky cum! His friends were so desperately eager for their turn after that!

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Karsyn 1-877-440-7005

This Sinful Phone Sex blog written by Karsyn.
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Sinful Phone Sex with Cammie.

April 13th, 2014

Sinful Phone Sex will make you explode in ecstasy. Hi guys! This is your Yummy Princess Cammie. I was wondering if you are as horny as I am right now?  I sure hope so! Why don’t you make some time for us? I really want to enjoy Sinful Phone Sex with you. My Pretty little Princess Pussy needs your big hard dick deep inside. You better have a big dick Mr! I don’t mess with silly little willies. My Purrfect Princess Pussy needs a Big Purrfect Dick. I will worship it, just as you will worship my tight, little pussy. We will have a bit of mutual masturbation before we fuck like wild monkeys. I have no limits. I’ll try anything once . I like to fuck big dicks.  I want to cum all over them. After you blow your load in my pussy, it’s time to fuck my ass hole.  Yes, I do like  getting fucked in the ass. I like it balls deep in al my princess holes. I’m a very dirty little princess. Teehehehe. I think you are stroking that big dick now. I would to if I was you. Don’t jerk it like you always do let Princess Cammie take care of you. I will make your cock cum so hard you’ll have to wipe it off your ceiling. Lets get our Sinful Phone Sex Fuck on Big Boy. *Wink*   

Cum Lets Fuck Like Bunnies.

April Special 30 min 50.00

US Callers Only!

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Cammie 1-888-696-1069

Cock Loving Cammie

This Sinful Phone Sex blog written by Cammie.
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Teacher Phone Sex

April 12th, 2014

teacher phone sex I am sure you had a sexy teacher you had a crush on. Well, I am here to give you some Hot Teacher Phone sex. I am a teacher and a principal at the Phone Sex School.  I teach Sex education. So I am with students every single day. I have several students that think they already know everything they need to know. And spend their time disrupting the class in some way.  All of these students are male. Which comes as no big surprise to me. And these know it all students are flunking my class. So I have decided I have to be very strict with these students. I am sending them to detention everyday. Where I teach them one on one. Until they can pass their tests. They tell me that I am part of their problem. That they cannot concentrate with me as a teacher.  So I have some help I bring in a few of my very smart and sexy female students. And we are working on the facts of life. With my hands on teaching. We try to teach them control. There is a time and place for masturbation. Of course they are such horny fucks all they can think about is fucking the girls. So i have taken control. Those horny fucks are getting caged. That’s right I am putting a cock cage on them so they have no opportunities to masturbate, or fuck around while they are being taught. Then when I feel the have learned what they need. Or have passed all my tests I let them out of their cages and they go fucking wild. Their final test is for them to fuck their teacher.  I must admit I have not failed many of them. They have good control and they know what a woman wants. And it’s not all about them or their cock.  I pass them when I am satisfied by them in the all the ways I expect. Wouldn’t You love to have some Teacher Phone Sex. I promise I will take really good care of your Cock.  Call Ms Tyler now.

teacher phone sex

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Tyler 1-888-369-4769

Hot For Teacher? Tyler Tempts You!

This Sinful Phone Sex blog written by Tyler.
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