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Bratty girl phone sex

May 30th, 2015

Bratty girl phone sex

 This slut has some attitude! And I’m not afraid to show it either. I can keep a ‘man’ like you in line. Make you do WHATEVER I say – you’ll do just about anything to get at this glorious school girl pussy! That’s why you love bratty girl phone sex so much, huh? I’m young but I know what I’m doing and that’s all that really matters. It’s all about me today and a ‘man’ like you is just gonna have to deal with it! I will shove my cunt right in your face and make you beg to touch, lick, fuck it. All the while your cock will be stroked by your hand, because that is all you’re gonna receive from me! ;) You haven’t proven that you deserve this heavenly slut yet. A bratty girl likes to cause trouble. Trouble is what you’ll get when you contact this slut. I know how to make you want this and KEEP wanting it, bitch! You’re going to do all kinds of nasty, kinky things for this bad little girl. This bratty girl phone sex will have no limits. Anything goes! I’m not shy about getting nasty as fuck. You’re gonna stroke your cock for me as I tease, taunt, and humiliate you. I will let you drain your balls when I fucking say that you can. But right now, what you need to focus on is the fact that you are beneath me in all aspects. Doesn’t that turn your grown “man” cock on?? ~J

bratty girl phone sex

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Panty worship phone sex

May 30th, 2015

Panty worship phone sexCan’t seem to get enough of me in my cotton panties, hmmm? No worries! You can stick around for more. But I’m just letting you know that there will be plenty of tease and denial happening, because it’s so much fun! I really enjoy putting you in such agony, anyway. lol panty worship phone sex is waiting for you. You’re craving it. Clearly you want what you can’t have, babe! or maybe after I have teased you for quite some time, then perhaps you’ll be granted permission to lick my pussy thru these cotton panties! What a sweet treat to work for, am I right?? You need this. It makes my pussy moist when you tell me how turned on the panties make you. Adore me. Cotton is perfect for absorbing the delicious scent of my pussy too. I’m sure you knew that by now!! hehehe. You’re aching for an up close and personal experience with my panty covered pussy. I don’t blame you. They look so good on me that you just wanna rip them off! lol. But I haven’t given you that kind of honor just yet, babe.

You should get ready for this panty worship phone sex. Things are getting hot and heavy over here… Care to join me, panty boy? -Vee


 panty worship phone sex

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This Sinful Phone Sex blog written by Velma.
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The Hottest Shemale Phone Sex Around!

May 30th, 2015

shemale phone sexI had the best fucking role play the other night. It was so hot! It was with one of my faovrite callers and I just had to tell you all about it! Especially if you are into that hot, sexy shemale phone sex! He wanted me to seduce is innocent, tight ass! And did you?! You get I fucking did! I picked up his cute little virgin butt right off of the road. He was just so cute I just could’t resist! The minute I saw him I knew I just needed to have him! I could feel my cock stirring right underneath my skin-tight dress! His face was just too cute and I knew that there was a innocent, virgin tight ass underneath those clothes. I spun by car around and ask tight ass if he would like a ride. Of course being as trusting as he is, he jump right in my car. We talk a little bit and then that’s when I strike. I starting touching all over him and then I take his hand and make him massage my big hard cock! His face looks so shocked, but I guess keep going! It feels sooo fucking good! Mm.. I bet he does know all of the nasty things that I’m going to do to him later, he’s not going to make the destination that he thinks he is. I have a house just packed full of horny shemales that would just love to take their turns fucking and proding his two tight holes and stretching them out. He’s not going to be able to walk after we’re all done with him! I can’t wait to see how many cocks he can fit in all of those tight little holes. Do you wanna get passed around too? Call me and let’s see how much of those cocks you can take! Mmmm…

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Don’t you love sweet young voice phone sex?

May 30th, 2015

young voice phone sex

Men are always telling me how much they love hearing my sweety, young voice and how eager I always am to please them! Hehe! I know your looking for the right young voice phone sex slut  But I just can’t help it! I know my place and I’m ready to serve all of my daddy doms to the best of my sub ability! I want to make sure that they are fulfilled with both of my tight holes! Mm.. Hehe! I’m such a good submissive slut and I’m ready to do whatever it takes! On my knees, or on my back! I want to please you sir! I’m ready to be beneath you because I know my place!

young voice phone sex

Not all women know that, but you can better be sure that I do mister! I’m always wanting to make sure that my daddy doms needs are taken care of ALWAYS before mine! Because I know exactly what and who I need to be! Your complete servant sir! ;-) I’m a no limits kind of slut too and I’m ready to to talk about whatever you want to talk about, or even role play about! Hehe! And I know that sometimes but tight little butt just needs to be spanked just to make sure that I’m doing everything that I should be and being a good little submissive slut just like I’ve been trained to be! I will do any kind of role play you want and I never say no! ;-) I know exactly what your looking for, a sweet, young voice that is just going to make your cock so hard and just explode all over my pretty cute face! I’m ready to be the little slut of your dreams! Are you ready to be my daddy dom?! I’m ready to serve you for a long as you want me too! Hehehe!

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Bdsm phone sex I got your ass.

May 30th, 2015

Welcome to my world where dark side rules.  You can yell and beg but this bdsm phone sex goddess I am the queen of the night.  Here BDSM Phone Sexyou will submit your fantasizes and desires don’t forget you opened the door to my domain I will give you all the severe pain and torture you seek.  The punishments are harsh and my subs are always conspiring to torture you.  That nasty little cock you have has cum for the last time.  I will stick a fucking rod so far in that cock you are going to puke from the pain.  Then I will chastise you.  I will put on the smallest cage I can find the only thing you will be able to do is pee.  You are a pitiful recluse and you will never amount nothing I can’t wait to fuck you over and make you beg for mercy.

I hang you up and slap your naked body with my wooden paddle I can hear you whimpering from the pain suck it up buttercup this is what you asked for.  I beat the same spot repeatedly and I can see the red splotches I know it hurts but I don’t care.

I need you to shut the fuck up your crying and beg for me to dominate you, I lift up those slinky balls and smash them between two paddles, does that hurt my little sub? I grab some ice and tape them to your pathetic chest I am going to freeze off those nipples you don’t need them anyway.

All this torture is making my sweet cunt wet I think I need to do more to you. I put some harsh clamps right on those balls and have them anchored to some hooks, don’t you worry I got you taken care of.  I take my personal whip and slash it across your back.  Tell me in control, the longer it takes to answer the harder I hit.  Beg for it comes you fucking pig beg for it I want to hear you scream it.

BDSM Phone Sex

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Cum slut phone sex with chloe

May 29th, 2015

cum slut phone sexYou know what really amuses me about cum slut phone sex? Is when a guy calls I know is clearly a cum slut but he doesn’t know it…yet. It’s so much fun to torture and tease him, telling him he MUST eat his own cum. Of course that’s even if I let the slut cum. I know he doesn’t like the taste but that’s what makes it so much more enjoyable for me to force it on him. I know it’s gonna take a few lessons but before long I’ll have him trained and craving his own cum. He’ll be begging me to eat his own loads before long. That’ll just depend on my moods and how well he pleases me. I get so wet just thinking about the control I have over my cum slut . He will do anything i want for just a taste of the pre-cum dripping from his cock’s head. So give me a call all you cum sluts and I’ll have you on the knees with a nice big plate in front of you. If your lucky I might let you lick your plate clean.”hahaha” You know you want to so don’t deny yourself this yummy treat. Pick up the phone and call me now!!

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This Sinful Phone Sex blog written by Chloe.
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Cock control phone sex foot lovers!

May 29th, 2015

cock control phone sex

My friend Miles is a total foot lover! He worships smooth & sexy feet. Mine definitely have his attention when he calls for cock control phone sex. He absolutely loves it when I use my feet to control him. It’s so easy when he’s just so weak for my pretty feet! I tease him with my sweet voice and soles. He tells me that my toes always look so suckable. Just looking at them gets Miles riled up. I enjoy resting my feet on his lap. He watches every movement my feet make. More teasing persists, and eventually, he’s begging for me to give him a footjob. You know what that is, right? Lol. It’s my fave way to jerk a man off. I then tell him to take his cock out for me. I want to watch his cock twitch while I gently tease the head with my toes. It gets me so hot watching how worked up he gets!

My cock control phone sex has Miles hooked on my sexy little feet. I can make a man melt with these smooth soles! Are you a lot like my friend Miles? Check me out for foot worship and more… Don’t say that I didn’t warn you.

Stacee Sweet

cock control phone sex

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This Sinful Phone Sex blog written by stacee.
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kinky phone sex Sexy bitch

May 29th, 2015

Are you peering at me behind that tree, trying to get a glimpse of this kinky phone sex bitch?  I see you watching me get out of the pool and I slide my top down just for you. I could tell you were taking that cock out and wanking to my hot voluptuous tits.  Wouldn’t you love to slide that fucking wet tongue around them and bit my big nipples? I brush the towel across them yea stroke that cock harder. kinky phone sex

I walk over and catch you beating rubbing it raw I ask if you want to do something kinky and you cum right there.  Ya know I’d love to clean up that mess for you.  Your cock gets aroused again. 

I bring you over to my bed and tell you I’m the slutty milf that all men dream about and love to fuck.  The last neighbors I’ve caught him listening at my bedroom door while I have been, well, let’s just say that I was “entertaining some studs.”  Since I had an audience, I made it fun I screamed and fucked so loud I knew I was making them so hard and I could hear them stroking and cumming.

I made sure they knew I loved sucking cock the guy I was with would scream you’re a fucking nasty kinky phone sex slut.  I know you can’t gKinky Phone sex et enough of the taste of my cock.  When he turned around and stuck that wet cock right in my ass I made sure they knew I loved it.  I made it sound like my ass was a virgin and he forced himself right in there thrusting and pounding like some wild horse.  I’m a good girl gone bad.  
If you need some very naughty little, kinky in your life let me tell you I’m the Milf for you.  So make your way to your wallet and pull out what you need I’m right by the phone waiting for your call.

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CBT Torture by Mistress Luna

May 29th, 2015

I’m really NOT in the mood tonight. The male species has disappointed me completely. It makes me SO angry that all I can think about is how badly I would love CBT torture right now. Your cock and balls will be the victims to my womanly wrath! You fools will learn soon just who is exactly in control between men and Women…

cbt torture vampire mistress

You men are so vulnerable and exposed with your dick hanging out like that! You couldn’t hurt me half as much as I can hurt you. REMEMBER THAT. I am the one who is actually in power and control. You are a vulnerable male with your cock out like an idiot. You deserve all the CBT torture coming to you.

I’m also very resourceful when it comes to finding tools for your CBT pleasure. I’ve got ties, shoe strings, paddles, ropes, and hair bands to name a few. If you think you can handle it – 1-888-303-0049

- Luna

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Gang bang phone sex, meet my baby girl!!

May 29th, 2015

gang bang phone sexI was thinking it was time for my oldest daughters first experience with gang bang phone sex. She’s been making mommy lots of money over the past year and I think she was ready. She’s become quiet popular with all my p-cocks who pay me very well to spend time with her.She’s turned out to be quiet the eager little slut and is very anxious to please.

She was a little nervous when I first told her what I had planned but eventually she warmed up to the idea. I told her if she would relax she would have fun. I told each of the men we’re going to be bringing her a present and she then was more than ready. It’s scary how much she’s turning out to be just like her mom.

When they got here they took there time with her, getting her hot and worked up. Before long she was begging for more and more of them to fuck all her tight little holes. She wanted them all filled at once. She was moaning and crying out while she squirted from her cunt for the first time. I was so proud of her. She satisfied each one of those men like a pro. Well she did learn from the best. Now she keeps asking when I can plan another one for her. She has some openings so give me a call and I’ll see what I can do for you.

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Dusty 1-888-629-9731

Done Dirt Cheap

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