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Panty Sale Mistress Phone Sex

March 5th, 2015

Panty Sale Mistress Phone SexPanties for sale! Mitzie’s moist wet panties for sale. All you need to do is call for some Panty Sale Mistress Phone Sex and we will be ready to roll. So boys are you up for the challenge?

I had one caller who begged and begged and begged for me to allow him to buy a pair of my panties. I was going to sell them to him, no problem. However, I loved hearing him beg on the other end of the line. It was so exciting and made me wet hearing him beg. It comes with a price, I would tell him but he didn’t care the cost. He just wanted my panties so bad just thinking about it made his cock rock hard and hurt anticipating the arrival of my panties.

The day the panties arrived at his house, I received a phone call right away. As we were talking, he smelled the sweet aroma of my pussy as he stroked his cock. The sound of his voice was muffled as the panties were in his mouth so he could taste all of me. Stroking his cock as he was smelling and licking the crotch were my moist pussy rested and rubbed all day. He did not want them washed before they were sent in the mail. Just think, this could be you. You could buy my panties for the right price. I’ll send them to you and all you need to do to stroke your cock; smell my scent and lick my juices as you talk to me and tell me how good I taste.
Panty Sale Mistress Phone Sex

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Mitzie 1-800-428-0674

Miztress Mitzie

This Sinful Phone Sex blog written by Mitzie.
Call Mitzie at 1-800-428-0674
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Anal phone sex with Karsyn

March 5th, 2015

Anal phone sexDouble penetration & Anal phone sex with your family fun slut Karsyn

My uncle was in town for the night. Daddy said that he was staying over with us. My tiny kunt was already excited! I was so happy to see him again. Uncle and Daddy both have the biggest cocks in the family. I knew that I wouldn’t be getting much sleep that night!

As he walked in the front door I ran to him for a big hug. He grabbed me by the waist and held me close to his body. Uncle told me that he missed me so much, and that he thinks about my sexy little body all the time. His hands trailed down to my bottom. I glanced over to see Daddy staring at us with a mischievous smile on his face. At that point my tiny kunt was glistening for the both of them to pound me. Double penetrate me.

Uncle’s hands squeezed at my bottom. A giggle escaped from me. I felt Daddy come up from behind. The front door closed and they both pulled me into Daddy’s bedroom. My short shorts were ripped from my body. I was thrown on the bed in a fit of sexual lust. My body was ready to be ravished. I was so sad when Uncle had to leave the next morning though! hfgh

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Karsyn 1-877-440-7005

This Sinful Phone Sex blog written by Karsyn.
Call Karsyn at 1-877-440-7005
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Deviant Phone Sex with Wicked Makayla

March 5th, 2015

deviant phone sex I am here to tell you I am in a mood tonight. After a shitty day at work I am so ready to to destroy something. How about some Deviant Phone Sex with me, Wicked Makayla? We can both blow off some steam. Let your imagination run wild and we can explore all of your kinky deviant desires. I have no limits. I love luring Men into my sexually deviant web. Men that would never think about exploring the things that turn me on.  I start slow. Enticing them with a few forbidden desires. I know every man thinks about forbidden taboo things. I am the one they can confess them too. Nothing shocks me. And if I know you have the littlest desire to explore forbidden taboo things I am going to push you to go there.  Yes, I am wicked, kinky, ruthless, deviant, and show no remorse. I live in the moment. And I do what feels good.

I bet there has been a time or two when you looked at a situation and you thought If I could only make that little bitch pay.  Maybe you were teased, she flaunted herself in front of you, she laughed at you, or you just plain wanted to fucking hurt someone.  And the thought of inflicting pain or doing something taboo and forbidden got you so excited that you couldn’t control yourself. Your Cock throbbed and you had to stroke it. Thinking of doing kinky, forbidden, taboo things to that Girl. And now the thoughts keep playing over and over in your mind. Are you becoming addicted? Do you think about it more than not? You are my kind of Guy. Why not give me a call and we can explore all those Taboo, Kinky, deviant, extreme, forbidden desires that you now can’t stop thinking about. Dark Deviant Phone Sex with Makayla.

deviant phone sex

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Makalya 1-888-606-8365

Wicked Makayla

This Sinful Phone Sex blog written by Makalya.
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Accomplice Phone Sex

March 3rd, 2015

Accomplice Phone SexI’m in the mood for some Accomplice Phone Sex tonight. I am also in need of some medicinal rock candy, if you know what I mean. -wink- I am not above using my brats to trade for what I need. They don’t always want to co-operate, but that’s no problem at all. Give me a little taste of what you brought me and I will get right in there with you and make them play nice. I know some of you think my actions are sinful, but I’m not here to make anyone happy except myself! When you call me, you know it will be all kinds of hardcore fun. I don’t like the pink, fluffy stuff. If you want that, then I can recommend a few sweet, horny girls that will help you have some vanilla fun. I prefer age play fetish calls. All things nasty and hardcore are what get my pussy juices going! What about you? Do you like it twisted and nasty? Let’s find out just how nasty you are!
St Pats Special

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Jane 1-877-440-7007

Feed Teen Jane's Addiction!

This Sinful Phone Sex blog written by Jane.
Call Jane at 1-877-440-7007
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Don’t you just love toilet play phone sex?

March 1st, 2015

toilet play phone sexI remember this guy that used to call me and ask me to shit for him, but after he would ask that and I would get ready to do so, he’d make me stop and hold it just a little bit longer. This was so hard to do, but he was very direct about what he wanted me to do and he told me he didn’t wanna hear me shit or piss until he told me to let it out. In the meantime, he’d have me describe to him everything I had eaten and drank that day, and he loved to ask me how badly I had to go, and I would continue to answer that I had to go sooo bad, but I didn’t dare ask if I could let it all out yet. He built this up, telling me what he wanted me to do with my shit and piss. Normally he liked when I squatted over his hard cock and shit all over it, then sitting on his cock, shit from my asshole joining the shit I had already pushed out. Oh and he loved when I had diarrhea, he’d have me rub it in all over his chest, his entire body, making me talk about how bad it smelled but in the same sentence how much I loved to play with my shit. He loved to taste my piss, I got very good at aiming for him mouth, and he of course never failed to give me some hefty golden showers. As much as I love toilet play it’s always hard not to barf because if I did, he’d most certainly make me clean it all up in ways you can’t imagine. But I don’t mind, in fact, I hope he calls me soon and makes me wait to take shit, building so much tension for both of us…

If you love toilet play phone sex you’re in luck because we have a new special! Just remember to ask and you will get 20 minutes for only $30!

US callers only/limited time

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lilly 1-877-769-5239

Hey Wanna FUCK?

This Sinful Phone Sex blog written by lilly.
Call lilly at 1-877-769-5239
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Foot Fetish Phone Sex with Princess Cammie

February 28th, 2015

foot fetish phone sexI don’t know about you but I am so over this cold weather. If there is anything I love most about Spring and summer” it’s bare feet time! That’s right! Pedicured feet, pretty painted polished toes. Cute strappy sandals! What’s not to love about letting those little footsie’s Breathe! It makes for the best foot fetish phone sex experience! So go ahead and sit back and enjoy my beautiful feet nestled into your lap! Give me a massage! Admire how soft they are in your hands! Feel me wiggle my toes as you rub my soles. I can feel that Dick throbbing against my heels! This little princess knows you want me to rub you Dick for you! So are you gonna spoil me? You better! Let me have some money for a pedicure! You will get pleasure from it to! *winks* Now let me pull that Dick out of your pants! Rest it right here between my feet baby…Feel my soft toes?

I love feet myself, I enjoy sucking on my roommate toes! Shes got tiny little toes! We usually get in the hot tub and I will give her a massage! She loves for me to suck on her toes and lick her heels! She wiggles them in my face and it drives me wild! So see this princess has a foot fetish herself. Let me hear about yours?


Get it while you can!

30 Minute foot massage special!

30 minutes for only $50! US ONLY



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Cammie 1-888-696-1069

Cock Loving Cammie

This Sinful Phone Sex blog written by Cammie.
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Mommy Phone sex Horny mom wants to suck you.

February 28th, 2015

Are you hot and horny for some mommy phone sex?  Does thinking about your mom get you all hot and sticky well have I got a cure for you.  I’m just a slutty milf like your mom that will give you the best mind blowing sex.  I’m so open-minded; I’m up for anything to make my son cum.  I could help you stroke that cock show you some good masturbation moves.  Maybe if you’re good you could help me spread my legs wide and slide a finger or two inside me. Mommy Phone Sex

Were you standing there when I was fucking one of your friends I the shower?  Did you see how I got right down on my knees sucked him dry?  I made him shoot a big thick load.  I bet you watched him ram my head all the way to his groin.  Mommy loves when you make new friends. 

The other morning you know I seen you behind my bathroom robe jerking that throbbing cock.  So,  I know you been very naughty watching me in the shower lather up all that soap and take the shower handle and rub it over my clit.  Did you see how I leaned up against the shower and let out a big moan as I came?  I could tell you were about to burst watching me.  You just wanted mommy to come over and help you didn’t you.  Well I busted you this morning filling mommy’s panties with your cum.  Did you think I wouldn’t notice that entire thick creamy cum?  Such a naughty nasty boy.  I at first thought it was one of your friends you know they are always welcome here but I see you.

After all this you are going to have to be punished why don’t you just come on over now mommy will help you with those naughty thoughts you have been so bad.  I need to bend that cute ass over my knee and give you a good ole fashion spanking.  Yes, that’s right mommy going to cure all those impure thoughts.  I just can’t have you corrupting all your friends that fuck into cumming in my panties.  Do you want mommy to be knocked up?  What would are neighbors think if  I was knocked up by my son during mommy phone sex. 

Don’t forget to call your horny mom.  ask me about what specials I have so you can fuck me good for less. 

Mommy Phone Sex

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Sydney 1-888-869-5769

Dirty MILF Sydney

This Sinful Phone Sex blog written by Sydney.
Call Sydney at 1-888-869-5769
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GFE Phone Sex : I’ll be your girl!

February 27th, 2015

gfe phone sexAwe you’re lonely? So am I, and if it’s not just a sexual relationship that you’re seeking then I will be most pleased to introduce you to gfe phone sex and be your new girlfriend. We can still fuck of course, but wouldn’t it be fun to go out to a movie, eat some delicious dinner together and then walk around the nearest adult store? We could even purchase something for a later, a little toy to spice things up. I’m thinking a cock ring would be great…one of those big vibrating ones with different settings of course. I just really need a man who needs a relationship as much as I do, who wants to hear about my life and not just all the sexual things I can do. A man who wants to go out with me in public to do fun little adventures…even last minute trips to the beach – wouldn’t you just love to see me in a bikini? Not just in a bikini but happy and jumping in a bikini? Now that’s priceless. And once the fun is done, we can go back and have some real fun! I could fuck you all night, but I’d like to start by sucking your dick to show my appreciation for such a wonderful time with you. It’s always an amazing blowjob when the girl sucking your cock actually enjoys it and wants to make you love it. Wouldn’t you agree? I won’t stop there to show how much I appreciate you, I’ll hop right on top once I have you rock hard and ready to explode. I love to sit on it getting every single inch pushed deep inside of me making me scream and arch my back. I’m quite experienced when it comes to riding dick, and I just LOVE to bounce on yours making sure it’s nice and deep. Right before you cum I’ll get off and allow you to fuck my titties till you cum all over my tits and face… mmm I love your cum. Now, let’s shower together and go again!

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Kelley 1(888)534-0126

This Sinful Phone Sex blog written by Kelley.
Call Kelley at 1(888)534-0126
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Cum slut phone sex with kinky Karsyn

February 26th, 2015

Cum slut phone sex

I need my daily dose of cum slut phone sex! It’s like my medicine and baby I need to take my meds! Hehehe, bring you and your friends on over here. I want to meet them all and I want them all to, ummmm, “meat” me. Lol, does that sound raunchy enough? Well I’m a cum slut and more often than not I need my cum slut phone sex super nasty! I’m sure you can understand, and I bet your friends would approve also! Hehehe. A cum slut would be so much fun to have around for you and your buds. Use me like the cum dumpster that I know I am. My holes are all yours to drain yourself in! I am so excited to be your little phone sex cum slut. There is no where I would rather be right now. Daddy says that I swallow like a champ! Him and his friends love to take turns spilling their cream in my small holes.

Please, sir. Please please! I will do anything to taste warm cum. Coat my throat, do what you will! This is what I am meant to be – a sperm sucker. The fun only begins now. 1-877-440-7005


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Karsyn 1-877-440-7005

This Sinful Phone Sex blog written by Karsyn.
Call Karsyn at 1-877-440-7005
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Cheating Wife Phone Sex come get a taste!

February 24th, 2015

I’m a looking a naughty man who can’t wait to fuck this cheating wife phone sex whore.  I bet you’re the kind of man that is going to make me his nasty sex slut.  Yeah know I can’t wait.  I get hot thinking about all the positions you’re capable of putting me in.  Just do what your pleasure is with me.  I am longing to taste that thick creamy surprise you got for me.  My husband doesn’t fuck me anymore, he says I want it all the time and good Christian girls don’t want nasty sex as I do.  I have to cheat just to be laid like a good filthy slut.  I can’t wait to get this pussy fucked and finger that sweet cum right out.  My pussy gets so filled and wet I just can’t seem to quit craving cock.


When I see average people they think, I’m just this small petite thing but don’t let my looks fool you I’m nasty and naughty as can be.  I love some much getting down on my knees fucking and sucking any cock.  Sunday I was caught up at my boyfriend’s house, his Nascar friends took their turns and made me such a little cum slut.  I fucked and licked them some got behind and fucked my tight little ass.  I am so up for anything role-play, family fun and my personal favorite cum slut. 

Why don’t we hook up for some cheating wife phone sex and let me be the slut of your dreams.

Cheating wife phone sex


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Remey 1-866-501-8607

Wild Remey

This Sinful Phone Sex blog written by Remey.
Call Remey at 1-866-501-8607
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