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College Slut Phone Sex

April 24th, 2014

  Are you ready to have some hot college slut phone sexcollege slut phone sex?  Well I know I sure am.  I am doing phone sex to get me through college.  I am having so much fun right now with this job and having as much sex as I can with all the guys on campus.  I am a very limber girl and love to put myself in different hot positions so guys can fuck all my holes easily.  I have a cute young voice that is sure to make that cock of yours rock hard.  I have a caller that loves to call and listen to all my hot sexual college experiences.  He loves to hear about all the guys I have been with and wants to know how many at one time I have been with.  Well I would tell you now but I would rather keep it a secret until you call me.  I really don’t like to kiss and tell to much on here, but I really love to kiss and tell on the phone, that way I can rub on my wet cunt while I tell you all about my hot slutty college stories.  I want to make sure I get that cock of yours rock fucking hard for you.  I want you to stroke it so hard while you listen to my sweet ass voice.  I want to hear you cum for me on the phone, so I can cum right along with you.  I love to cum all day long.  I bet you do too.  I can’t get enough sex, or phone sex.  I can fuck all day and all night.  I want to make sure when I am with a guy that my sheets get all sticky and wet full of cum and juices.  I love the smell of sex to be in my dorm room all day long.  I can’t wait to have some more hot college slut phone sex!

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Hudson 1-877-440-7024

Hudson Wraps You UP.

This Sinful Phone Sex blog written by Hudson.
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Intense family fun phone sex

April 24th, 2014

Intense family fun phone sexIntense family fun phone sex with Sinful Pookie. When I say there is nothing I like better than family fun that is exactly what I mean. Anything to do with fucking in the family makes my pussy dripping wet. No need to feel ashamed about wanting to fuck your little sister, niece, cousin, or even your daughter. I love the way I feel being wanted by my family, I will dress up like their little slut and fuck any one of my kin folk. Sometimes we like to get all fucked up and have swinging orgies. What is a swinging orgies? Well for us it is getting as many of our family members we can over here and once you walk in the front door you must take off your clothes and start sucking or fucking a body that doesn’t live in your house. Daddy says that you must swing from one branch of the family to another. It is like a smorgasbord something to satisfy everyone’s appetite. Young and old all together in one bed teaching each other the great pleasures of some intense family fun. Now since I do phone sex what else makes it better is running a phone sex special while the swinging orgy is happening. You can take advantage of this special if you are in the US. 30 minutes for only $50, hurry this special ends on 04/30/2014. Call me and ask for my April phone sex special More fuck for your April buck. Limit one special per day. You got to ask me for the special in order to get it. I love sharing with you just how intense it is to fuck my Dad, brother, Granddad, cousins, and once in a while I will get fucked by my Grandma, but usually it’s all the men in my family that like using me. I am into role play phone sex, or age play phone sex or even furry friend phone sex. Whatever it is that makes your cock rock hard I am open to do. Hurry don’t waste another stroking session without me. I love how nasty it sounds hearing you beat that cock while getting turned on.

Sinful Pookie

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Sinful Family Play Siren

This Sinful Phone Sex blog written by Pookie.
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Exploitive Phone Sex With Krack Whore Jane

April 23rd, 2014

Exploitive Phone SexHave you ever wondered why some people reproduce? I know I do, but I have my own reasons for acquiring the little brats myself. I was used, traded, sold and abused as a kid. I know what they are for, at least what they are for in my family. Just like me, mine are used as bargaining tools to get me what I want or need. I’m sure they will hate me when they’re grown, just like I hate my krack fag Dad and my Krack slut Momma. In a loving sorta way, if you know what I mean. They exploited me my whole childhood. I was their bargaining chip whenever they wanted something beyond their means. As a teen I listened while my Momma worked doing Exploitive Phone Sex. She was good at it. She just talked about all the things she made me and my brother do to get her and Dad what they wanted. She even got a few new ideas from her callers. I’m doing the same thing now, only I have my own brats to bargain with. I never go without anything. There are so many men that are as twisted as I am. As long as I have the brats, I have a way to get anything I want. You might be thinking that I am nothing more than a trailer trash, krack slut without a conscience and you would be right!

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Feed Teen Jane's Addiction!

This Sinful Phone Sex blog written by Jane.
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Lactating Tits Phone Sex With MILF Mallory

April 23rd, 2014

lactating tits phone sexLactating Tits: A mother’s milk is just the best, and everyone knows! Even good little boys like you! I just love it when I’m pregnant and my tits are nice and fill of milk. I just love watching my lactating tits get big and my nipples gets nice and hard. My lactating tits just feel so heavy and engorged I’m just dying for someone to wrap their lips around my nips and suck hard until you get every drop out of my juicy big lactating tits. I’m ready for you to be my good little boy and suck on mommy’s big juicy titties, I know your mouth is dry from sleeping all night long and your really wanting something sweet, and good to drink to coat that throat. Well, this hot MILF has a pair of lactating tits that are just in dire need of milking. Mommy wants you to grow up big and strong, and we all know that mommy’s milk is the best thing to help little ones grow and be big, strong and mommy’s lactating tits are just so delicious! Some days when I’m out and about and I have a little one in my tummy, I can feel my tits start to lactating and my bra and shirt get all wet. All I can think about it how nice it would be for someone to just take their tongue and lips and lick my hard, thick nipples nice and clean again for me and get the rest of that sweet mother’s milk out of my lactating tits so I can finish my day…. Would you like a taste?

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Mallory 1-888-770-7212

Trashy Momma Mallory

This Sinful Phone Sex blog written by Mallory.
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Cum Slut Phone Sex- What is hotter than cum?

April 22nd, 2014


Cum Slut Phone SexLet me confess my sins; I love (and I mean, REALLY LOVE) cum-slut phone sex. What is hotter than cum? Your cum, my cum, it doesn’t matter, I still think it’s so hot. I heard about this new thing called edging, it’s where you get super close to climax then stop and once you do climax you just explode with cum!!! Can you imagine how much cum you can build up? Mmm. Let’s talk about the smell, sometimes I get wet during my day job and I know everyone can smell my sweet wet pussy practically begging to be fucked! And knowing that just makes me even more wet. My wet pussy sometimes gets nicknamed a waterfall… haha, I know it’s funny, but it’s true! Once you get me going I drip. Let me get started on your cum, my favorite. Please don’t just cum in one place all the time. I want you to cum in my mouth so I can taste your delicious cum, and swallow every last yummy drop. Cum all over my pretty little face, now THAT IS HOT!!! It makes me feel so slutty in which in return makes me horny and super wet! Now don’t be shy to cum in my wet, pink pussy. I know you want to cum deep into me, I’m so tight and sexy you just want to squirt your load into me and look into my eyes are I moan loudly and climax with you!! I’m horny! We can’t forget about you cuming on my perfect titties, make sure to get it on my hard nipples too!!! You want to call me? I know you want to hear me say: “Fucking cum, please cum, yesss. Mmm” “I love your cum! I’m your little cum slut!”

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Remey 1-866-501-8607

Wild Remey

This Sinful Phone Sex blog written by Remey.
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Mommy Fetish Phone Sex With Nasty Mommy Maxine

April 21st, 2014

Mommy Fetish Phone Sex
I know you’re coming home for a weekend soon, but your Mommy has needs. Every now and then they just seem to take over my horny body. My pussy starts to tingle and my clit just throbs! Mommy has lots of toys that I play with all the time. Even Mommy fetish phone sex helps, but nothing can take the place of Mommy’s special boy. I rub my Mommy pussy a lot and every time that I cum your name is always on my lips. Every night I dream about how your little hands feel on my big tits. I imagine it’s your fingers inside Mommy’s juicy pussy and I squirt all over them! Mommy does miss you while you are away and sometimes I need to get my pussy filled. That’s when I go out and find a nice, well hung boy who will take good care of your Mommy until you cum home. It’s extra special when I find one who has the same name as you! I get to fuck and scream your name as I cum over and over!

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maxine 1 866 755 3445

Your Nasty Mommy

This Sinful Phone Sex blog written by maxine.
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Titty Fucking Phone Sex with Jenna!

April 21st, 2014

I have a phone sex fuck buddy that I love to play with. He has an obsession with my tits! He loves to talk for hours about titty fucking me. My hard nipples are perfect for sucking on all day. He slides that hard cock between my tits. Squeezing them tight around his cock as he moves back and forth. I love how it feels having his warm hard cock between them. Taking my tongue and licking the head of his cock as he slides his Cock up and down. My drool drips down all over my tits allowing him the purrfect lubrication to keep having titty fuckin phone sex with me! He really enjoys when I get my nipple clamps out, he gets off so hard watching the clamps dangle from my hard perky nipples as he titty fucks me. I slide his cock into my naughty mouth and suck him deep into my throat.. Pulling him out just in time for him to slide back in between my tits. Admiring my boobs as they bounce, jiggle and shake. With a few thrust he shoots his warm load all over my jugs… As his cum drips from my nipples I take my finger and wipe his white load from my tits! I suck every bit of it off my fingers! Being sure to clean every bit of it up like a real naughty slut!

Titty Fucking Phone Sex

I have a phone sex special!! Thirty Minutes for Fifty Dollars US only. Ask Me…


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Jenna 1-877-440-7025

Jenna, Aspiring Actress

This Sinful Phone Sex blog written by Jenna.
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Deviant Phone Sex

April 20th, 2014

Deviant Phone Sex Are you looking for something different? How about crossing the line with Me for some Deviant Phone Sex. I am the kind of girl that enjoys playing a little more on the dark side of phone sex. I like extreme age play phone sex. Accomplice Phone sex, Deviant phone sex. Anything where things can get kinky and wild. And we might cross the line into forbidden and taboo fun. I like extreme age play for you P- lovers. Dirty Daddy’s I love to help you find just what you need to satisfy your P-cocks. I like home invasion phone sex too. Nothing like fucking with or fucking up a nice little family. I guess you could say my kind of Phone sex isn’t for the faint of heart. No way is it vanilla. That’s way to boring for me. I have been a little dark and very deviant from a very young age. Maybe it’s because of all the strange shit I experienced growing up. I know I am not everyone’s cup of tea but you should try me at least once. Most that do become hooked to my wicked ways. Playing with a Girl that has no limits, doesn’t care about right or wrong, can add a lot of excitement to your sexual play. I seem pretty normal when you look at me. But that is how I like to start things out. Young, sweet, so trusting. Then BAM!! Wicked Kinky Makayla comes out to play. So how about some Deviant Phone Sex? Or are you afraid you can’t handle it? Awww come on baby. You know you really want too.

deviant phone sex

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Makalya 1-888-606-8365

Wicked Makayla

This Sinful Phone Sex blog written by Makalya.
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No Taboo Phone Sex is for you and me, without any limits!

April 19th, 2014


No Taboo Phone SexYou’ve seen girls like me in your magazines; I could not be any more God damn sexy. (Forgive me father thou shall not use your name in vain). Oh, but God, when I am being pounded so good all I can scream “Oh God YESSSSSSSS!” If it feels this damn good is it a sin? How can this sin feel so good? I don’t think it’s a sin to love I’ve got the prettiest, pinkest pussy around and I can’t wait to sin over and over again. You want me, I know you do, and I want you, I will do anything for that dick, you know it’s true. I’m a perfect Christian woman to everyone who doesn’t really know me, but you know me. You know how wet I get as soon as I hear your breathing get harder, how horny you make me when you tell me to call you “Yes Sir.” You don’t find a woman like me every day, I am the type of woman you can bring home, and fuck the shit out of for hours on end. My sex drive in endless, and I am shameless, because my lord, my father, he forgives me for my dirty sins, and all my dirty thoughts. He forgives me for all my toys and for the no-taboo phone sex I do every chance I get.  You want me to call you Daddy? No problem. You want to spread my legs wide and shove your dick into this tight pink pussy? I can’t wait! Call me and help me sin, and of course cum. I’m willing to help you cum also, just like a good Christian woman!

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Remey 1-866-501-8607

Wild Remey

This Sinful Phone Sex blog written by Remey.
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Nasty Mommy Phone Sex

April 18th, 2014

nasty mommy phone sex Are you horny babe? How about some Nasty Mommy Phone Sex with me. I’m Mommy Logan. And I am pretty well known. I like my sex nasty and dirty, and wild and kinky. I am a mommy pervert. I love young cock. I will take any cock really. I am a slut for cock.  But the cock I crave most is young cock. And thanks to my kids I get to have that young stuff every once in awhile. When they are home from school they bring  a lot of their friends around and it’s Anything goes around here. I have always been free and easy with Sex. I guess that is why my husband divorced me. He wasn’t enough for me. And he started catching me with the service guys. The plumber, the mechanic, the painter. Whomever came around. I just couldn’t help myself.  Doing phone sex helps me enjoy my masturbation time so much more. It just gets me off so good to have that voice on the other end of the phone stroking while I finger my pussy or fuck my ass with one of my toys.  And I love when my caller tells me what to do with my toys. I love hearing my caller cum hard it gets me off so good. I am not shy about loving sex either. I have neighbors that know I have visitors and what they come for. I don’t care. I catch the neighbor guys watching me from their windows. I don’t close my curtains or pull my shades. I love showing off my sexy body. I am in the mood to really get off good why don’t you call me for some Nasty Mommy Phone Sex. Remember Anything goes when you play with Mommy Logan. I want to get your cock off so good. 

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logan 1-866-488-8523

Sinful Mommy Logan

This Sinful Phone Sex blog written by logan.
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