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Exhibitionist phone sex lets have fun.

April 18th, 2015

Weather is getting warm so let’s take this exhibitionist phone sex outside! Let the outdoors be our bedroom.  I can exhibitionist phone sex  just think right now of starry night sky the moonshining down on our naked bodies.  My hair seems to glow as you take a hand full of it and pull me to your throbbing cock.  I take a big deep breathe in and smell the sweat of the day in your groin.  I seem to suck and gag so good on that sweat-filled cock it makes me think of days I was getting my first fuck in high school. 

Your hands seem to caress my moon glowed body exploring each creases as if you were touching me for the first time.  The moonbeams seem to make things look different sluttier.  Your hands find my warm moist cunt; you can tell I’ve enjoyed sucking you.  You force me back and you can see my near perfect body it seems to glow in the light.  However, mental images pop in your mind I’m whore and need to be treated like one.  You flip me over and spread my soft ass cheeks apart.  Two fingers slide from my cunt right into my ass I let out a small cry.  Those fingers pound me harder and your cock seems to throb with every thrust but you can’t stop yourself and grab my hips.  Before I knew it, you had grabbed my hair and rammed that hard cock right up my puckered ass.  My head turned back I met your gaze.  It seemed to make you pound faster you grab my hips and fuck me like a virgin.  You call me names like nasty ass slut as your cock empties inside my ass.  When you pull out, I know what to do.  I grab it at the base and lick my own ass juices off it.  After my deed is done, I come up and give you a passionate kiss.   

Now you know I’ve given you a taste of what fucking your whore outside can do so pick up the phone and let’s do it.

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Panty boy phone sex

April 18th, 2015

You know you’re a panty boy phone sex whore, when you have more women’s panties then men’s.  Truly, you have them because you’re so infatuated with the softness and the smells of a pussy. You can’t seem to get enough of that smell can you?  That scent you smell in your wife/ gf panties and the permeation of a cunt juice just turns you on and panty boy phone sexmakes that little dick of yours ache.  That stench motivates you to do such nasty things doesn’t it?  You can’t help but to call me to get approval on all the naughty shit you do to those panties.  So many times, you think of them coming home seeing you sprawled out laying in full view looking like such a slut.

When you make that call and I tease you about those panties.  You exclaimed to me how you want to wear my panties and know how good it feels on me.  So why wouldn’t it feel the same on you.  You seem to make excuses for your significant to go out so you can skewer through the drawer looking for that right pair to please me.  So tell me does wearing all those make you feel feminine?  Mm I bet the fuck it does.  I can imagine you dressing up and calling me begging and pleasing that I find you a big black cock to suck!  Who could resist a sissy dressed up in some silky clothes begging to be fucked like a whore on a stick?

So when you know you can’t help but to be sissy give me a call let me lavish you on your panty boy phone sex game.

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This Sinful Phone Sex blog written by stevie.
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sissy Diaper Fetish Phone Sex

April 18th, 2015

Diaper Fetish Phone Sex

Rise and shine, slut. You know what time it is! Time for you to put that diaper on and give Mistress Scarlett a call for sissy diaper fetish phone sex. I will do the rest from here, Lol. All you need to think about is how happy you are being MY sissy baby. Did I ever tell you how good you look in pink? It’s quite a fitting color. That is why you will wear the pinkest, frilliest dress in my sissy outfit collection! Of course a cute pink pair of panties will go over your diaper as well. Already you want to rub your clit through the diaper and panties, but I won’t let you just yet, Hahaha. Clearly you love the way I treat you, sissy baby. Go on and get on the bed for your Mistress. Lie down and spread your legs. I’m going to grab my camera and snap some photos of you! Don’t worry, I will take great care of you, as always. Hahaha, the look on your face says it all -that you adore being a diaper loving slut! Most importantly though, you adore the way I treat you as my sissy whore. The diaper is just the cherry on top. The way it makes your clit feel when rubbing against it sure does make you sound like a horny slut, moaning for more! Wake up with diaper fetish phone sex this morning. I am here and ready to make you my whore. Have a fetish for diapers? I want to have some fun with you. 877-421-4579

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Ebony Foot Worship Phone Sex

April 18th, 2015

Chocolatey, smooth and suckable. Just like ebony foot worship phone sex. But that’s how I descibe my beautiful ebony feet when my callers  are always asking about them. They hear me telling them about my pedicures that I plan on having that week and how I love to lather on a thick layer of coa coa butter on my feet so that it soaks right in and gets silky smooth! I want to make sure that they are perfect for my foot slave! ;-) I know that you wait all day to be able to touch, small and taste these chocolate delights! I’m ready for you to pamper my feet so good!

ebony foot worship phone sex

Your going to be my foot slave and I just know that your going to love every single minute of it! You being curled up to my lovely feet worshping them and making them feel so good with your hands and mouth is what you want the most of out life. Your here to make sure that my feet are never ever with out any attention! Your going to be my foot slave and do anything that I want! You should be honored that I would even let you breath on my feet with your loser breath! I want you to be the dirt and filth beneath my feet and then I want you to clean them! I know that your craving some of my delicious ebony toes! Maybe I’ll even let you put them on your cock so you can run that rock hard dick all over my gorgeous feet and if your a good foot slave then I just might let you go ahead and paint my pretty toes a different color and all over my feet.. mm.. I’m sure you can guess what that is.. Hehehe.. ;-)

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Homewrecker Phone Sex with Jenna

April 18th, 2015

Tell your wife to watch out! Especially if it’s been awhile since she’s given you some real loving. I don’t blame you for looking at a young hottie like me. When the wifey doesn’t give you what you need, you have to get it somewhere else right? Well you’ve cum to the right one…

Too bad your wifey doesn’t know I’m gonna take her place. I’m younger, hotter, and I’m going to give you all the sex you’ve dreamed of. That wifey of yours has gotten a bit lazy, yeah? but I’m on a mission to constantly keep you satisfied. I have the energy and the passion… I have what you’ve been needing and I want you cumming back for more.homewrecker phone sex

Next time your bitch wife is sleeping, give me a call and we will get our revenge. Any way you need it. I’ll be your homewrecker phone sex mistress, and you can give it to me good. Your wife won’t even have to know about our little affair, unless you want her to!

-Jenna xxx

Homewrecker Phone Sex 1-877-440-7025

P.s. – ask me for the special – 30 mins for $50!
U.S. callers only for a limited time.

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Jenna 1-877-440-7025

Jenna, Aspiring Actress

This Sinful Phone Sex blog written by Jenna.
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Sweet Cuckolding Phone Sex w/ Fiona

April 18th, 2015

Cuckolding Phone SexYour sweet princess Fiona invites you to cuckolding phone sex with me and these hot studs I brought for the ride! They can’t wait to strip me down and throw me on the bed while you watch. Of course your little pecker will be out and about while I’m getting penetrated by some hot chocolate! I am so ready for this hot cuckolding phone sex experience, what about you? Lol, I already know what you’re thinking! All I have to do is look down at your tiny prick and it tells me all I need to know. You so want this, and so you’re gonna get your wish, Mr. cucky!

Look at these men with their big dicks out and ready to penetrate every hole of mine. I am ready to get this party fucking started! My tight pink pussy looks so cute with a big black dick sliding inside it, huh? Go on, stroke your little pecker while you watch these men rough my sweet little body up! It only makes you wish even more that you could be a stud, like these hot men. Well too bad for you, sweetie! Your pecker isn’t going to magically grow an extra 5 inches over night, lol

So just face the fact that you are my cuckold bitch. Get over here! My holes need cleaning. Swirl your tongue in and out of my creamy pussy. C’mon I know you can do it! Let’s get this cuckolding phone sex started already.

Sugary Sweet Princess Fiona

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This Sinful Phone Sex blog written by fiona.
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Forced feminization phone sex

April 17th, 2015

Here sissy sissy, I got your forced feminization phone sex here!  That’s right is time to make you a panty boy bitch.   

You sit there and fantasize about wearing all these women clothing but wtf you have a dick.  It’s time to put all that away and bring out your true self.  Go grab those silky stocking, slutty panties and the sexiest dress because nowforced feminization phone sex were going to play dress up.  Run a long hot bath and make sure you have your brand new razors.  Soak those legs and groin when your feet start to get wrinkly its time. Shave those most private parts and run that razor over those legs.  What kind of fag has hairy legs?  None, my point exactly.  Use a new razor and shave those pathetic balls, I mean they are worthless to fags.  When you’re almost finished take a glance and make sure, you didn’t miss a spot.

Next give up all those repressed feelings slide off those ugly boxers and let’s glide into something soft.  Take a few moments and feel that silkiness against your smooth body.  Now aren’t you glad I made you shave?  Come on, lightly powder up those hands so you can and slip on those black stockings, and make sure you run your hands up and down.  Don’t forget your bra (its ok well work on filling it out another time).  Let’s do the final touches and slid over your head that dress. Mmmhmm look at how you look now you fag.  I want to force you to run into your wife’s makeup bag and put on some red lipstick and smack those faggot lips together mmm.  How about that’s as a forced feminization?  Awe wasn’t that forced?  I suggest you finish your little game or I will send this video of you bathing and dressing to a secret Facebook page!  I bet now your feminine side is rocking isn’t it.

 I know your true fantasizes you want to become not only a feminine, but a whore, and a slutty little one at that.  You need guidance on being submissive and help you see what men look for in fags like you.  You need me, my advice and more I will show you how to shine.  Stay with me I’ll show you what it takes to have all those men at your feet.


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This Sinful Phone Sex blog written by Shawna.
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Sissy phone sex with Meredith

April 17th, 2015

sissy phone sex I don’t just look for my next sugar daddy; I like to have sissy phone sex too! In fact, I get a lot more of those than you may think. Usually they are sissy boys who like to spoil me and buy me panties and then have me send them to em, or they love when I blackmail them and they spoil me rotten for me to keep my mouth shut! Point is I always get what I want either way, and I love being in charge. And you my new little sissy toy love to be controlled! You need my help to teach you the ways of being a beautiful in charge woman like you want to be, and you of course know that I’m the only one you can tell this big, and so very deep secret of yours to. I mean, obviously you can’t tell your girlfriend or whatever that you like to be fucked in the ass or that you put on her panties and clothes when she isn’t home. Now what on earth would she think of that?! But don’t worry, you’ve got me to know your dirty little secret, and while I will still laugh at you and make fun of you for being a sissy fuck boy, I’ll still make sure you get the things that truly turn you. I’ll dress you up, shave you all over and even teach you how good it feels to be fucked in the ass. But let me warn you it won’t feel good for quite a while with the size of the strap on I own! Ha. But that’s okay It’s fun for me to see you whine and struggle because it’s not fooling me on how much you are loving the whole thing. And best of all, if you cross me, I’ll have a proof of your undying want to be a sissy and wow, wouldn’t it be something if your girlfriend or wife found out too? Don’t forget…I’m always in control and you’re MY sissy boy.

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This Sinful Phone Sex blog written by Meredith.
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kidnapping phone sex with anita

April 17th, 2015

kidnapping phone sexThe look on your face was priceless. We’d talked about kidnapping phone sex but you didn’t think I’d actually do it. I heard you gasp when you saw our sweet little prey. She was laying on the bed, scared and crying. I could see it was turning you on. I undo your pants and they fall to the  ground. Your cock hard and throbbing. I grab our little one and bring her to the end of the bed. I hold open her tiny little mouth as you shove it down her throat. My pussy gets so wet hearing her cries. The sound of her choking and gagging on your big cock makes my panties so wet. That’s when I grab her. I rip her clothes off and throw her on the ground. She lays there shivering with fear of what’s coming next. I straddle her face and grab her legs and hold them spread open. You run your cock over her tiny clit making it swell. That’s when you just can’t take it anymore. You shove your throbbing cock deep inside her tiny bare little pussy. Your huge cock ripping her pussy apart. She screams and I lower myself over her mouth. Rubbing my pussy over her face, smothering her while you continue to pound her. Your hands find their way to her neck and you start to squeeze. I sit back and rub my pussy till I squirt all over her. You look down and her eyes are fixed and dialated. Your so turned on you start to shake as you cum deep inside that tiny dead little pussy. I love it when you let the animal side in you out. Let me help you bring it out in you tonight.

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Mommy Son Phone Sex Double Trouble

April 16th, 2015

Are you hard and ready for some mommy son phone sex?  Last night I was in tub taking a bath and I heard my son and his best friend playing around.  I knew they were watching some porn and after hearing, those girls moan I just mommy son phone sexcouldn’t help myself.  Therefore, I slid my hand between my legs and fingered my sweet little pussy.   I guess I had gotten a little loud and my son and his friend walked right in.  I could see from their little sweatpants that seeing me naked made them hard.  I pretended I didn’t notice them, but out of the corner of my eye I seen their hands stroking those supple cocks.  I decided to let out a huge moan and they giggled.  I was forced to look. I didn’t bother to cover myself up I tried to look stern but I wasn’t even mad.  After the shock of being caught (ha ha ha) I ordered them to my room to wait for me.

I composed myself and walked into my room with my rob open and instructed them to sit down.  I walked over and slid off my robe.  They responded with pulling off their mommy son phone sexsweats.  I climbed in between them and stroked both cocks at the same time.  It wasn’t long that the hot sweaty precum was dripping out, I couldn’t wait any longer I rolled on my back and let my son take his first ride on his mom.   He fucked me like a wild bull, pumping and grabbing before he let his load loose. He fell on top of me with exhaustion, but my time wasn’t done yet.  His friend backed him up pushed my legs over my head and rammed his cock into me.  He fucked me so hard my eyes rolled back and he let loose like a stampede.

My god I can’t remember the last time I was being fucked like that, it was so satisfying.  I couldn’t believe my son and his friend fucked me like a good ole cheer-leading slut.  Afterwards I sent them to bed with drained balls.

So why don’t you come tell me the story how you fucked your mom or sister I’d love to hear how YOU made them cum during mommy son phone sex.

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