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dildo play phone sex

April 30th, 2016

dildo play phone sexI know what all you little limp dick sissy boys want. Your into dildo play phone sex, aren’t you? I’ve got a nice 9 inch thick black strap on lubed and ready for your tight little man twat. I’m ready to strap this big bad boy on and tear your ass up!!Oh you can try to deny I’m talking to you, but why bother. It’s just the two of us right now. NO ONE knows but us. I know a wimpy ass bitch like you needs a good pounding. I know when that thick rubber cock starts penetrating that tight little man pussy your gonna be nervous, scared even. Don’t tense up, just relax. Enjoy the feel of that cock sliding in and out of your tight little hole like some fucking whore. Feel it stretching your man-gina. That’s right. It’s a man-gina now and your pathetic worm is your clit stick. I’m gonna make your clit stick hard and throbbing. Then while I’m pounding that man-gina your clitty is gonna squirt all over your hand. You know us dirty little sluts always lick up the load. Taste that hot creamy cum. It tastes so fucking good. So stop this denial bullshit and call me for some dildo fun like you only fantasize about!!output_05fDiy

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Extreme age play with Dusty

April 30th, 2016

extreme age play phone sexYou know I’ll do anything to please my caller. I’m the best dirty mommy for all your p-cock desires. I love doing extreme age play phone sex with you.Tell me what your craving right now. Something young, tiny, and tight tonight? Well I have just what your looking for. My little sweets are the cutest little p-sluts around. They love showing you daddy’s out there a real good time. This dirty mommy has taught her little ones very well. They know you all have different fantasy’s. They can be sweet and innocent or naughty little sluts. It’s all up to you. So why sit there fantasizing about it when I can make it so real for you.

I have one daddy that calls every week. He likes playing with my oldest. She’s a bit more timid than her sister. He likes it when she tells him no and fights him off. But you know in the end that p-cock got just what he wanted. Then I have this other guy who calls fairly often and likes the little one. She’s a dirty little slut who likes to crawl up on daddy and rub her tiny little twat against his bulging cock. He likes it when she whispers in his ear  “Touch me daddy”. So you see any scenario you come up with, your gonna get with my girls.

So stop sitting there daydreaming about what it would be like and pick up your phone and call me. We have a great special going on right now..25 minutes for $40.00. You can’t beat that…Come on, me and my girls are waiting for your call.output_guSden

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Dusty 1-888-629-9731

Done Dirt Cheap

This Sinful Phone Sex blog written by Dusty.
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Exhibitionist phone sex whore

April 30th, 2016

exhibitionist phone sex

 This phone sex whore is definitely an exhibitionist! I absolutely love stripping all my clothes off while others watch. Being in the nude feels so damn good. Also getting fucked while others watch before me is a huge turn on. It’s a turn on to no end! I just love having the spotlight on my sexy body. I’m so tight and the men know I’m definitely hot to trot. I love to mess around and tease, but I also enjoy a nice & raw fucking. But if others are also there to watch me do this crazy shit then it makes things SO much better!

I’ve been visiting more nudist beaches lately, especially with the weather being so nice. That is where you can find all the hot exhibitionist parties! This last time I went there were so many guys there. It was like a sausage fest, no joke. Oh but I quite enjoyed myself in the midst of the sausages. *wink* Hahahaha. I certainly had my fun.

I always have fun with other like-minded individuals. Every hole of mine was available for use. For some reason though the men were really into penetrating my asshole! Certainly I didn’t mind that though. First I just took off all my clothes and got into the position to start a fucking party! Don’t let this exhibitionist slut go to waste – use me! 

Purrfect Special
25 minutes / $40
USA Only/Limited Time

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Bestie’s daddy fucks so good!

April 30th, 2016

daddy fuck phone sex

My best friend’s daddy is so fucking handsome! Like ridiciulously hot. Muscular, tall, and charming. When I first met my bestie’s daddy I wanted to fuck him. I wanted him all to myself. So for a long time now I’ve been waiting for the perfect time to come. The perfect time happened last night at a family party at their place. I was invited since I’ve been besties with my friends since forever pretty much lol. Well there was lots of alcohol at this family party which surprised me at first. But honestly towards the end of the night I was so thankful for the alcohol! Why? Because the family members were leaving, my best friend passed out drunk on the couch, and so me and her daddy were all by our lonesome. 😉 But her daddy didn’t mind inviting me to his bedroom where he then undressed me. Then I undressed him so I could see his hard cock. He was so large and easily overpowered me with his strong body. mmmm.

He picked me up and slammed me against the wall. I instantly felt his hard cock slide inside my wet pussy. I’m so surprised his daughter didn’t wake up hearing my moans. There were plenty of those happening! Oh my god we must have fucked for a couple hours at least. I think there was sexual tension built up, lol.

Even though I was super drunk I remembered to leave his bedroom before I passed out. Just so my bestie wouldn’t know what happened. We’re so sneaky! It was so worth it though. She doesn’t have to find out.~Jaycee



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This Sinful Phone Sex blog written by jaycee.
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BBW Slut Phone Sex W/ Molly

April 30th, 2016

BBW slut phone sex

At such a young age already I’ve become a BBW slut. I’m addicted to cum. I’m also addicted to cock, obviously. I just love feeling a hard shaft grinding against my body, especially my fat ass! Not only do I want to feel cock all over my body but I want them inside me as well. My little holes are so tight. They’re basically the only part about me that is small! (; Hehe. Like the other day I showed this new boy next door how naughty I can get. He came back to my place while my parents were gone and, well, I showed him everything! From head to toe he saw every inch of my curves.

It was such a blast playing with the new boy next door! But I don’t think he realized where our time together was going, Hehehe… He seemed more on the innocent side. I wanted to fuck but I guess he really thought we were going to watch tv or something! I don’t know but it wasn’t difficult to get him back to my place. He was looking at chest that’s for sure. And no telling whether or not he was looking at my ass as I walked in front of him to my bedroom. Okay I mean I bet you can imagine where his eyes went! (; Lol. I just love showing off my curves so much. This BBW slut makes a good fuck, I promise. *Molly*


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This Sinful Phone Sex blog written by Molly.
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The Nastier the Better!

April 30th, 2016

nastyphonesexEveryone looks at me like I am some kind of sweet girl, but really inside I love to get nasty! I have no taboos when it comes to phone sex, the nastier the better.  I have a hot body that I can twist up in, I am very limber.  So if you like many different positions then I am the girl you want!  I love getting men off, hearing them cum for me over the phone, makes my pussy dripping wet.  I love to rub on my pussy and pound away at it with my toys, as we talk! 

  Just yesterday I had a caller that just wanted me to hear him cum over and over.  He said my voice made him so hard, that he made such a big load for me, he said it was the biggest he ever had.  We talked about many different fantasies that he has, and a few sexual experiences that he had! When he told me that he was with seven girls at one time, made my pussy totally cum like crazy.  I mean isn’t that just so hot? I mean he must of some good Dick to please 7 women at once! (hah)   I so love to hear sex stories, I even shared some of mine with him.  He said he will be calling me back so we can get nasty again. I love the real nasty pervs out there that love to talk about anything and everything. I am not shy or new to this at all.. I am exploring and trying out many things here in college! I recently had my first golden shower… I also had three cocks at once last weekend! One for each of my dirty little holes ya know *wink*…  I so would love to hear you call and jerk your cock for me over the phone!  I know that we can make it very, very, naughty and fun!  Naughty phone sex is my thing, and I am sure that a lot of you men love to get nasty once in a while too.  Don’t worry it’s always a secret with me, lol. Unless of course you love a girl to kiss and tell, hee hee! 



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Hudson 1-877-440-7024

Hudson Wraps You UP.

This Sinful Phone Sex blog written by Hudson.
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Wicked angel wants to have sissy phone sex with you.

April 30th, 2016

Sissy phone sexWicked Angel is my name. I love to have sissy phone sex. To be able to turn a grown man into my sissy boy is a great turn on. You come to me expecting to be able to fuck me? Well,that is never going to happen. Instead, you will wear my panties. They are going to get that clitty so hard. You have such a small cock it’s pathetic. What do you expect me to do with such a small dick? You actually thought that that I  would fuck you. Here is a real man right over there. His cock is huge unlike yours. You have a slug for a dick. All you are good for is so suck my boyfriend’s dick. While I paddle your bare ass. You know you like to be a sissy phone sex whore.

I am going to beat your ass to a pulp. Then I am going to fuck you in your tight, pink, asshole. With this huge strap-on! You are going to love every minute of the hard thrusts into your ass. You are nothing but a sissy boy. All you are is a fuck hole, who is getting his ass pounded. You like that don’t you sissy boy?  You are my sissy fuck when I fuck your asshole your dick gets really hard. Cock loving faggot, that’s what you are.

Now you are going to watch me fuck a real man. That chastity belt that you are wearing is there for the duration. So you better get used to it. Now watching me get fucked while your face is right there. See how big he is going deep in my pussy. Just keep on being the sissy fuck you really are. Put on your panties, pick up your phone and call me. I want to hear all about your feminine desires.


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Age Play Phone Sex with Daddy’s Girl

April 30th, 2016

Purrfect Launch Special
   25 minutes / $40
   usa only/ask4it

I’m touching myself waiting for you daddy. I think about the time you snuck in my bedroom when I was sleeping. I woke up to you feeling through my panties and pulling them down. I said “what are you doing daddy” and you said “I’m giving you a good night kiss” then you softly planted your lips in between my legs. Then we played together, don’t you remember daddy? You felt up my pussy, I’m still so wet now when I think about it. I remember when you first stuck your finger in I was scared and shaking but you said “be calm baby” and I let you in. That was the best I ever felt my pussy feel back then.  The truth is I still think about you all the time daddy. I think about how we always played together and all the nights we shared in my bed heehee. Remember all the nights you’ve ever touched me and made me feel like your special little age play phone sex princess? I will always be your perfect little girl daddy, matter what! I will always do what you say. I am your good little girl who does everything for you. I am always here for you daddy. I can’t wait to be your Daddy’s Girl!

Your sweet little Emily 🙂 


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This Sinful Phone Sex blog written by emily.
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Enjoy cheating wife phone sex with slutty Lynlee

April 30th, 2016

Cheating wife phone sexI am a cheating wife who loves to have  cheating wife phone sex to hold me over until I can meet my lover. I’m so slutty that you would love to the one I am cheating with. I love any kind of sex. It really doesn’t matter as long as I can get off.  The sex we will be having will be so kinky and nasty. I have no limits and I will help you work through all of those wild fantasies you have.

I want to be able to be whatever we choose to be. We can roleplay or just fuck like horny rabbits. Use me as your personal fuck doll. Having me is going to change your life. The thought of you fucking my sweet, juicy, pink pussy and all the rest of my holes. For me the most exciting thing is the chance of getting caught. While I am phone fucking you, there is always the chance he is going to walk in and see my pounding my twat while you tell me all the wild things you will do to me.

My cunt has been filled with your enormous cock that has made me dick sprung like never before. You want more information, you will have to call me. I have so much to tell. Are you interested in that thought of talking about  a cheating wife?


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Sissified phone sex with Gwen

April 30th, 2016

To have sissified phone sexSissified phone sex you will need to open your mind to all things new and girlie. Your first taste of sissification is going to be turning you into the ho use maid. Your job will be to dress in a sexy little maid outfit and make sure the house is always clean and dinner is always on the table. When I get home from work I don’t want to have to lift a finger. You will bring me a glass of wine and take my shoes off. Rub my aching feet and get me all relaxed and ready for a night of fun.

You will always be dressed in panties and short little dresses. We will work on the skills you need to be a good little sissy. Once you get the make up and clothing down, we will work on complete feminization. I will be getting out my strap on and you will learn how to suck a cock like a good little faggot. You need to learn to deep throat that cock.  Then, and only then, will we move to the next step of turning you into a good little mindless bimbo who does all the housework just to feel a big fat cock in her ass cunt.

I have a feeling that you are a very motivated cock sucking fag and it won’t be long at all and you will be rubbing your clitty in your panties while I pound your man pussy. I cannot wait. Stop keeping your little sissy secret and give me a call. Let me walk you through the steps to turn you into the little bitch you need to be.



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