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Cum dumpster phone sex whore.

November 30th, 2015

I’m in the mood to be a little freaky tonight, so many of you slaves call me for sissy, bi curious now it’s my turn.  I am looking for a total freak someone who’s not afraid and will do anything I ask.  Tonight I need cum dumpster phone sex whore !  Yea I bet that’s you isn’t it.  I knew you be the perfect little whore that would swallow all these men I have on hand.

I have so many slaves wanting to cum to be honest I can’t handle them all, so I need to use you as my cum dumpster phone sex whore to handle all the over flow. While I get you all prepared I have just the right tools to keep you from let’s say running off in the middle.  First, I slip you right into my metal yoke.  Oh yes I came determined to make you a little slut.  These restraints are used to keep some of my let’s say less obedient slaves in line “isn’t that right d? “  I am talking about YOU!cum dumpster phone sex

A heavy metal yoke, a cock cage and drop of lube is all there’s needed. Cum dumpster phone sex whore These toys are made to keep the squirmiest slaves in line.  Using this in combination with other restraints I have I will have you being my cum dumpster phone sex in no time.

The first round comes in the smell of stale sweat and sex fills the air as the first cock penetrates your little ass.  One after one grabbing your hips ramming that cock deep in you and the only thing you’re allowed to do is ask for more.  You look up at the mirror on the ceiling to examine the massive dicks standing around you waiting patiently for their chance at your little holes.  One breaks free and comes to your mouth thrusting his dick in your mouth can’t you feel it tickling the back of your throat.  I come around and order to lick it good; I spank you with one of my many crops.  I lean in and whisper your doing so good I’m going to place an ad and charge admission.  I suggest you get used to be in this position my little cum dumpster phone sex whore.

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crack head jane

November 29th, 2015

I’m crack head Jane I have done anything and everything just to survive. My mom and dad are worthless drug  addicts. So that’s all I  know. There are no drugs I haven’t done. My asss and pussy are so hot right now that I can hardly stand it. Let me tell you a story. One time I had to get rent money and I had this guy willing to pay me for really rough and the  not ordinary sex he wanted me to pull a train. With 10guys. I had to rip my clothes off and lay down on the bed legs spread and fingers busy with m   y pussy. First guy started to eat my sweet tight pink pussy and ass. Being really rough and the second guy shoved his hard big cock down my throat. I was gagging and they were laughing at me and getting rougher They also had some toys anal beads vibrators dildos strap on.They shoved the dildo you where guess?  In my tight sweet ass shoved it without lube. It burned so much . They were getting off my pain. Also were video taping it all. Then the real fun began. The dicks were in every crevice and hole I had to give. My pussy ass and mouth were so sore but really I was getting off on it Then came the riding crop came out and my ass pussy tits were so very stripped of skin.  Enjoy that now you dirty little crack head whore. Bend over and spread your ass checks apart for these big anal beads. Now take them all the way in. I did as I was told. My ass checks were so spread apart because they were big anal beads. Then they pulled them out ever so slowly and it felt so good. One of the guy had drugs and you know how I love drugs. He said you want them then you have to take 10 dicks up your ass one by one. That’s my story .Hit me up.1/877/440/7007

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Jane 1-877-440-7007

Feed Teen Jane's Addiction!

This Sinful Phone Sex blog written by Jane.
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Phone sex whore…Klara does xmas!!

November 29th, 2015

phone sex whoreI  love the holidays. I’ve been doing a lot of online shopping lately. That means visits from various delivery men.Being the horny phone sex whore that I am, I can’t help but take advantage of all those big strong men carrying my packages in the house for me. I make sure I’m always in as little as possible. Usually its a little silk robe with nothing on underneath. I have them carry my package, no matter how small, to my room. Once I have him in their my robe accidentally slips open. I know then if their interested in some pussy(and honey, they always are).

The variety of men that come and go is insane. I’ve fucked big black cock, big white cock, little cocks, fat cocks, and I enjoyed each one of them. Some have cum here more than once. I just want to feel that tongue sucking on my pussy, lapping at my sweet juices till I cum on their faces. Then its my turn to suck their cocks till they fill my mouth and I can feel the veins in there cocks pulsing against my tongue. That’s when I know their ready for my tight wet pussy.

When they sink into me, my cunt sucking them deep inside, I cum instantly. I can feel my pussy starting to throb just thinking about it. The feel of that hard cock pumping my sweet twat till they fill it with their hot spunk. I need a cock now! I’m gonna slide my fingers into my panties while I wait for you to call. So call me soon…I’ll be waiting for you!

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Klara 1-877-440-7023

Sinful Mommy Klara

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Financial dominatrix phone sex with Lady A

November 29th, 2015

financial dominatrix phone sexAre looking to be dominated. There are many ways to dominate. One of my favorites is financial dominatrix phone sex. I love being in control. I am a dominatrix to the core. I also enjoy making money from it. I have men confess their darkest sins and fantasy’s to me all the time. I’m their mistress now and I’m the one you will tell all your dirty little secrets too. You will answer to me and me alone. I will control everything about you. In return for my services you will take very good care of your mistress. I will have you at my feet begging for my attention. Begging me to take your money.

Have you ever been controlled to that extent? Have you ever had someone take control over your cock? Make no mistake, I will control it. I will let you know when you can and can’t cum. You will always see to my pleasure first…ALWAYS!! If you serve me well and spoil me even better than you may have a chance at cumming…but it’s not a definite. You will see I can be temperamental at times. Don’t think you’ll be able to buy my letting you cum. I expect nothing short of complete obedience. You’ll do well to remember that!!

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Mature phone sex…give me an older man anyday!!

November 29th, 2015

mature phone sexOlder men just know how to fuck. They know what it takes to please a woman. That’s why I love mature phone sex. The kinky shit they’ve learned over the years is really fucking hot! I love how they always worry about pleasing me before pleasing themselves. I like how they take charge in the bed. I know if I climb aboard their cock, I’m in for a good ride. I can almost feel their hands when they grab my ass, guiding me up and down their cocks till I’m so fucking wet my juices are dripping down on their balls. I can feel their hips meeting mine, thrusting upwards into my pussy as deep as it’ll go. I cum all over that cock, leaving my sweet cream coating it. You know I’m a dirty girl. I climb off their hard throbbing cock and take it deep in my mouth, licking my juices off their cock and balls. When my tongue reaches their ass and I start rimming it they can’t hold back any longer and have a mind blowing powerful orgasm. When their done cumming I lick all that hot creamy cum off their cock. I hope any of you older men…you know, 40 and above, give me a call. I look forward to it!

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**Luscious Lovely Lyric**

November 29th, 2015


I had the most absolute wettest dream ever! Omg I woke up with my hand in my panties. So I decided to masturbate and pull out my little friend! “BOB” lol battery operated buddy. Then suddenly I get a call. One of my absolute favorite things is mutual masturbation. I love hearing him on the other end of the line. Just jerking that cock and me rubbing my luscious, tight, sweet, and juicy pussy. I like to take my fingers and stick them deep inside my pussy then suck off those sensational pussy juices of mine! My juices are like a drug. Try me once, you’ll fall in love with this pussy. Try me twice, I will own your cockk. Keep stroking that cock, spit on your hand and grasp it baby. Go up and down. Now faster baby. Soaking over here. Just when I’m about to climax I stop. Legs start trembling. I can barely take it. Then I continue to rub my little clit and start working myself up again. Then I start to cum. OMG. My entire body feels so good as I cum everywhere. The feeling that comes when I cum is omg I can’t even describe it. Then I hear him cumming to me getting off. He loves the idea of me cumming then he cums.  Come let LYRIC take care of you with some mutual masturbation. I bet you would like that. I’m anxiously awaiting for your call. My pussy is ready also. Don’t forget the special 20 minutes for 30 buckaroos! USA only. Ask me about it.

Call me for xxx phone sex baby! 1-877-990-9790

lyric 15n (1)






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Lyric 1(877)990-9790

Sinful Lyric

This Sinful Phone Sex blog written by Lyric.
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dirty little girl

November 29th, 2015

I need a big daddy to teach me his ways.  Could you be that one? I sure hope so I 'm so naughty that I need a good spanking from my daddy.  Iam so slutty and there is nothing I won't do. My pussy is dripping with cum for you and I.  I'll do whatever my daddy says  and I mean whatever. I love pleasing  him in everyway. If he says jump I say how high. That he likes to do a lot, but I do it anyway. He makes me wear a butt plug to school so my ass will be stretched for him. When I get home from school,  He always has dick in the house.  So he can direct them to do whatever he says with them. For example bend over with my little skirt and show  him that I'm not wearing any panties   and I have the butt plug showing. He makes them remove it and tells me to spread my ass checks apart so they can see my little asshole stretched. Then he proceeds to tell them to take off their belts and slap my bare quivering ass hard as they  can. Pushing their fingers deep in that tight crevice. They proceed to explore all my tight holes and I mean tight. I'm  a dirty little girl who does whatever my big daddy says to do. I do who ever  and whatever he says  with a smile on my face! I just love pain and pleasure from my big daddies. Dirty little girl is who I am. I have been trained to please men and that's and   T hat's just the way that it is. But I lie when I want to be good. Because being dirty little is so much more fun. Be my big daddy and you will see, Hit me up 1/888/660/8449. 

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Anal phone sex lets get fucked.

November 29th, 2015

Look at me I’m a big titty slut that just loves me some anal phone sex.  I know that can’t get me knocked up but that just makes my cunt throb thinking about some big ole dick shoved up my ass. I have never said no to any sex.  I had Anal phone sex such a high sex drive some just call me a nympho.  Black, White, Asian it doesn’t matter to me as long as it’s a hard dick I’m getting me some.

anal phone sex I pick up strangers all over the place they just can’t get enough of my booty.  First, they grab it and spank it!  That just makes my ass just shakes.  With every spank, my pussy just gets all wet; I know what coming next that dick is gonna feel so good being shoved up my ass.  I beg them to make that ass so sore and rip it right open.  Don’t forget to shove that tongue up there.  Practice makes perfect let me tell you I can’t get enough of that anal phone sex.

Anal Phone sex 

Grab my hips and take my ass and slide that thick dick right in, I love the bump and grind. Watch my ass take that anal phone sex like a whore.  I can’t wait to see my cunt squirt while you’re pounding the fuck out of me. Sliding in and out busting a hard nut in me watch my tight ass quiver.  Then when I am sitting in pure bliss take that dick and get into my cunt.  Go ahead and make me a good sloppy mess.

In my personal opinion all little whores should take part in anal phone sex.  Some have no idea what they are missing. There is no need to be a prude open up that ass and give your man some anal phone sex.

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MILF phone sex Cuckolding fun.

November 29th, 2015

Do you look at my pictures thinking about getting into my pants? I know your cock is getting pulsing hard thinking about what I could do to you. Well I think it’s time you entered my world of MILF phone sex. Its ok everything that goes on here is our little secret. While that wife is out shopping, I’m here to make that explode.
Milf Phone sexSo come on over and curl up in bed let’s talk about your sultriest desired fantasies, they may even be a little perverted. Its ok I have some of my very own. Now as I, lay stroking that hair your head buried in the bosom of my tits. I want to hear the one you keep from everyone the one you think about every night while you’re fucking that wife. I know your kinky I just know it I just want to hear you say it.
Now when you tell me that naughty little fantasy this slutty milf phone sex is going to act it out. I know that you’re MILF Phone sex going to cum harder than you ever have. Your secret fantasy is going to be come real and I’m the little milf phone sex whore that’s going to do it. Come on let me hear what gets you off.

Maybe you have a secret cuckolding fantasy you know that’s one of my favorites. Taking my man and make him sit in a corner all tied up not being able to touch any part of himself. Then some big stud walks in I give him the sluttiest dance around, stripping my clothes and then tossing them at you. Watch how his hands move across my body. He’s taking me in his arms throwing me down on to be the bed and ravishing me. You watch on helpless and he makes me cum over and over again. This is just a tease.
I know you need it want call me and let’s do It your secret MilF phone sex fantasy.

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No Limits Phone Sex with Mommy Logan

November 29th, 2015

no limits phone sex Most of you know me. I am the No Limits Phone Sex Mommy. I love all things kinky and taboo. I am an older mommy that has raised my kids. They are all in college now. But they always come home when given the opportunity. They know their mommy misses them. And they also know our home is Party Central. They can bring all of their friends home anytime. I have always given them the freedom to explore all things sexual right here at home. And so they feel comfortable bringing their friends around their kinky Mommy. Some of their friends that didn’t go off to college still come around to see Mommy Logan often. They know I get lonely when my kids are away. It’s nice to have young cock and pussy around when I want it. Which I might say is pretty often. I think I am well known in the neighborhood as well. I have young people knocking on my door all the time. Offering to help me around my house, some times just to chit chat.  I always welcome them in and make them feel right at home. I love taking care of young cock. And I am the best at it. I love having orgies at my house. I love sucking and fucking young cock. I am greedy when it comes to that cum shooting from that young cock. I can never get enough. I am the best Mommy cum slut. And now with the holiday season upon us my kids will be coming home for a week or so. I am ready for all of the sucking and fucking to begin. Won’t you join us in some No limits Phone Sex?

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logan 1-866-488-8523

Sinful Mommy Logan

This Sinful Phone Sex blog written by logan.
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