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ABDL Phone Sex : Mommy and Baby Time

August 16th, 2016

abdl phone sex ABDL Phone Sex :

Mommy Logan is the perfect Mommy for you baby. I can be very attentive to your special needs. I know how you love to be cleaned up after you have made messies in your diaper. Mommy Logan is gentle and will not scold you when have a big shit filled diaper. Or even when you sometimes pee when I first open up your diaper. Accidents happen. Every mommy knows that. Mommy will take her time and clean you up with those heated baby wipes she got special just for you.

ABDL Phone Sex 

And once you are all clean and smelling nice then it’s time for Mommy and baby cuddle time. Mommy will hold you close in her arms and coo and smile at her baby boy. Letting you nuzzle at her breasts. Oh it’s time for baby to feed. Mommy Logan will free her big voluptuous breasts for baby to suck on. It feels so good when baby suckles at those big mommy breasts. Even if baby sometimes gets a little too excited and nibbles hard.

When baby gets excited mommy gets excited. Then mommy must be a naughty mommy. No mommy won’t spank you baby. Mommy opens up your diaper and touches you little penis. She knows she isn’t supposed to do it but mommy finds herself stroking your little penis watching it grow. Mommy makes baby comfortable so she can stroke your penis and touch her pussy too. Mommy makes baby and herself feel so good. Baby and Mommy make squirties and then it’s nap time for Mommy and baby.

ABDL Phone Sex let Mommy Logan give you the best ABDL phone experience.

abdl phone sex

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logan 1-866-488-8523

Sinful Mommy Logan

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Horny housewife likes to fuck 30 for $50

August 16th, 2016

Need horny housewife that will rock your fucking world. Then call me let horny housewife me show you how I can drain that fucking dick.  No taboo no limits just pure hardcore sex. Yes, I fucking masturbate too!  Hearing you get off just pushes me over that edge.  So come on over bring that fucking engorged cock let me edge you for 30 sweet minutes. Now this special won’t last for long so get your fucking ass on the phone I want to hear you cum.  

This slut is ready to fuck,  are you?

Back to Screw Special
    30 Minutes $50
Ask 2 receive/USA Only

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Remey 1-866-501-8607

Wild Remey

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AB for Daddy

August 16th, 2016

AB for Daddy Phone Sex

I’m an AB slut looking for a new Daddy! This new Daddy has to know how to take care of an adult baby girl. He must be sweet and yet stern when need be… Pwetty pwease! I can’t possibly be a good lil girl ALL the time. My diaper will need changing too, but that should depend on Daddy. He gets to choose how long I keep a dirty nappy on. Things could get really messy but if you’re a nasty Daddy then you might like that. heehee

In all honesty, I don’t think AB girlies get enough attention. There should be more Daddies out there who understand the kink. Plus don’t girls like me look adorably sexy in a diaper with a pacifier in our mouth? Just give me your big milk bottle and I think you’ll definitely agree then! heehee 🙂 My nappy needs changing. Will you help put a fresh one on me, Papa? Oh pwetty pwease! I have been a very good girl. A dirty diaper can be fun to wear sometimes but I think we could start with a fresh one on my bottom, if it pleases you. Then I could dirty it up until it noticeably sags from behind. I will take the embarrassment and humiliation for making such a big, stinky mess! But let’s skip the nasty part right now so I can tell you something. You have no idea how nice it is to snuggle up with your cute little AB in bed! You can be the big spoon and I will be the little spoon. Under the covers we can play as I suck on my pacifier while your hands travel across my tiny body. The smooth padding of the diaper feels nice against you, doesn’t it? A babygirl can be tons of fun let me show you!


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Karsyn 1-877-440-7005

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rape fantasy phone sex

August 15th, 2016

Maxine rape fantasyI don’t know how he found out, but my nephew heard I was pimping the angels to pay the bills.  Saturday I was in the shower when he bust in my door.  The angels were watching cartoons but were shocked to see him act like a raving lunatic.  They followed him upstairs where he pulled me out of the shower by the hair.  He was screaming at me while dragging my soaking wet body down the hall.  The angels just stood watching as he threw me on the bed.

I didn’t know what was happening as he shoved his cock down my throat, his balls hitting my forehead, pumping in to me hard.  I couldn’t breathe as he screamed what a whore I was for selling the goods.  Just when I thought I would pass out he would pull back.  Over and over my nephew destroyed my throat until I was throwing up all over myself.  He told me that’s what a nasty whore like me gets.

I felt his hands between my legs as he started shoving fingers in to my not wet pussy.  The sting of his dry hands pounding in my cunt hole had tears running down my face. He worked me open until his whole fist was pounding inside me, all the while the little ones watched.  He grabbed my hair and forced me to my hands and knees.  Laughing at the gaping hole he left from his fist, I felt him shove balls deep in to my asshole.  Pounding in to me as tears ran down my face he smacked me on my white ass over and over.  The whole time he was laughing and telling me what a whore I was.

When he was ready to cum, he pulled me up and bust his load right on my face.  He said that’s what nasty whores get.  As he was walking past the little angels he looked down and told them if Mommy was mean to them again, to call him.

Do you have a rape fantasy about a loved one?  Or just some random whore you want to torture?  Call Mommy Maxine today for some rape fantasy phone sex!  backtoschool

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maxine 1 866 755 3445

Your Nasty Mommy

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BBC Double Penetration Phone Sex

August 15th, 2016

BBC Double Penetratin SexI’m such a BBC lover.  My absolute fave is BBC Double Penetration Phone Sex.  There’s nothing like having my lovely pussy and my willing asshole both filled with BBC.  When I can’t find two willing BBC’s, I fuck myself.  If you call me now, you will hear me moaning and purring as I fuck myself with my BBC double ended dildo.  I’m not picky.  Hell, to be honest I just love to fuck.  My pussy stays wet.  This phone sex job is perfect for me because it allows me to stay naked and horny all night long.  Call after call, I cum time after time.  It’s never fake with me baby.  I’m the real thing. I’ve always been very vocal while getting fucked.  Now, back to BBC Double Penetration Phone Sex. Some of my friends stopped by tonight after the club all drunk and horny.  They had called before coming by so I already knew what they wanted, and my pussy was already wet with anticipation for BBC.  I had been fingering my pussy and my ass on the phone all night and was thrilled at the thought of some real BBC.  I met them at the door in nothing but my favbacktoschoolorite stripper heels.  As soon as they saw me, they grabbed me up, carried me to my room and immediately filled my eager pussy and ass with their BBC’s.  I had a caller on the line and he was all too thrilled to listen in as they fucked both of my holes.  It was the best BBC Double Penetration Phone Sex ever.  He came so hard listening to our fuckfest.  Now, I’m all alone and still horny. I’ve got my BBC double ended dildo shoved in my pussy and ass. Call me so I can cum for you!!!

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Jenna 1-877-440-7025

Jenna, Aspiring Actress

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bisexual phone sex

August 14th, 2016

bisexual phone sexMy girlfriend Ann from college came to town with her husband Dennis. I invited them to stay with me for the few days they’d be in town.Little did I know I would be reliving some bisexual phone sex. Ann and I did everything in college together. From drinking, to getting high, skipping class to losing out virginity. That’s right we lost our virginity together. We had been at a party that night, drinking jello shots and tequila shooters. We were fucked up. One of the football players offered to drive us home and he helped us up to our dorm room. We sat there with him and smoked a joint. We started playing truth or dare and I don’t really remember how it happened but he had us both naked and all over each other. She was a sexy little red head with big tits and a great ass. She licked and sucked my pussy till I came all over her face. I of course returned the favor and remember her pussy was so sweet tasting I remember he watched us for a while, then he joined in. He didn’t know we were both holding our v cards still. I took it first, it hurt a little but i was to fucked up to feel the pain for long. Then he shoved his cock in Ann. She cried out for a minute but was riding him like a pro before to long. He had us lay on top of each other and took turns sliding it in our pussy’s. It was hot, later after he left we spent hours licking and sucking each others cunts, making each other cum over and over again. After that  every time we got drunk we’d end up in bed together.bisexual phone sex

Been years since I’ve seen her and I never met her husband Dennis. He was a nice guy, cute, definitely a good match for Ann. On the second night they were here we decided to get a few bottles of wine out and have our selves a party. I guess old habits die hard because once we were drunk I could see that glint in her eye when she looked at me. She was flirting with me and I was enjoying it. Dennis just sat and drank, listening to us reminiscing  about the old days. I waited for her to bring up our play time together but she didn’t. So I took it upon myself to tell Dennis our little story. He was shocked, he couldn’t believe Ann would do that with a woman. She was his wife and never had mentioned it. She told him she didn’t think he’d understand and that it was a long time ago. He stood up and took our hands and led us to the couch…History does have a way of repeating itself….If you’d like to hear about what happened between all of us that night just give me a call at bisexual phone sex…I’ll tell you all about it

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Lusty Lacey 4 you : )

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ADBL Phone sex Play time with Mommy is here.

August 14th, 2016

It is almost story time so are my ADBL phone sex babies ready to have some special time with mommy? I love being that nurturing momma that can make you feel loved all over again.  Lately, I’ve to start a babysitting job.   Watching ADBL Phone sexall these men and taking good care of them changing that diaper.  

I am so nice and sweet making you love me even more with every touch I do.  If you ever get an owie, I’m right here to kiss it making all the pain go away. Only mommies can make it all better.  Sometimes my little adbl’s are bad and can’t participate in play time. I do have to spank them quite hard.  It’s not my favorite thing, but it has to get done. You have to take time outs like a man I explain what good tikes do make you promise to be good.

adbl phone sexMost of our days are spent having fun in my play room.  We do all sorts of mommy and son stuff.  Sometimes we do story time, play time and even on special occasions I put you in a stroller and take you for a walk. It’s all for my ADBL phone sex babies.  You might feel a bit humiliated when I exploit you out in public.  Rest assured mommy would never allow anything to happen to you. When it’s time to eat, I take each one in my arms and feed you the way that is right. A bottle in one hand and holding you in the other. Feel our closeness knowing that I love you more than ever.

My favorite thing is changing time. Freshening your little bottom with powder making it feel so good and fresh. Then this nurturing mommy moves on to dressing you making this intimate erotic time for mommy and son. Mommy is here to make you feel loved and to show you the how beautiful things are in life. 

If you think you are ready for this ADBL phone sex experience, then give me a ring. Don’t forget I love doing diaper lovers, adult babies and regression.

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Sydney 1-888-869-5769

Dirty MILF Sydney

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Deviant Desire Phone Sex

August 14th, 2016

deviant desire phone sex This is all about Deviant Desire Phone Sex I am an evil twisted Bitch. That is what they all say. I prey on men with kinky minds and deviant desires. I lure them in promise to help them get just what they need. See I am crazy twisted and I love playing on the dark side. Fucking up the innocent gets me off so good. And I know once I take you down that path you won’t be going back. I will have you right where I want you. Addicted to sick twisted fun you wouldn’t dare tell anyone about.

And then you will come back to me to feed your addiction. Get your cock off to the vile unthinkable things I introduced you too. I love being an accomplice to the most dark deviant play imaginable. For example maybe you have your eyes on some young girl. For no other reason her young sexy body makes your cock throb. And there is no way you can get her attention. Because she is young and dumb and well you know stuck up. Here is where I come in.

I am someone that is relatable. Being young and pretty and able to converse on her level. Which really does not take much. She appears to be a bit of a twit. This part gets my juices flowing. Knowing I can win her trust and then fuck her up. Or at least be an accomplice to fucking her up. That’s what you had in mind right? To take what your cock needs and then get off hurting the twit. I am all about the deviant twisted part. I hate young twits.

Wanna find out what I am all about? Pick up the phone now for some Deviant Desire Phone Sex and let your imagination run wild. Your cock will explode wildly. And you will never go back to that boring vanilla sex again.

deviant desire phone sex

Psychotic Phone Sex with Makayla
30 mins / $50
US callers ONLY… Must ask 2 Receive!!! 

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Makalya 1-888-369-4769

Wicked Makayla

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Ageplay temptation phone sex

August 11th, 2016

ageplay temptation phone sex

It’s your favorite ageplay temptation Morgan! I’m so ready for Friday night to get here you don’t even know. Sigh. It’s only Thursday but lately the days seem like they go by pretty fast. So I know that in due time Friday will be here and then the sun will go down AND THEN party time! But that doesn’t mean we can’t start a party of our own already, right? Mmm, I think you know what sort of party I am talking about. The kind where it could very well be only you and me. Or even perhaps some of your friends joining along for the ride. Either way I’m happy for either choice! But I will have you know that I am feeling nasty. Anything could happen, especially if alcohol is in the room. Well, alcohol and attractive men with attractive bulges in their pants, hehehe. Too dirty for a girl my age? Woops! *wink*

I’m not too young to be this dirty. I was raised just fine! Mommy wasn’t around and so daddy took great care of me by teaching me how to please him and other men. So I think it’s perfectly safe to say that I’m totally ready to get super nasty. That’s right I’m an ageplay temptation slut. When you see a young girl like myself walking around like a slut it puts dirty images in your head, don’t lie. Not only do I look like a little tramp but I act like one too! Morals where?? hahaha There’s nothing wrong with that babe. I just know how to have a fun time. Plus my body is banging and you totally know it. Let the haters say what they want. Forget about them because I’m here to rock your freaking world!

Grab our Back to Screw Special if you’re a USA caller. 30 minutes with a young redhead for only $50 umm hell yeah! Gotta remember to ask for it though. I’m your new young lover. ~*Morgan*~

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Morgan 1(888)770-0577

She's a Maneater

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Teacher Ass Worshiping Phone Sex

August 11th, 2016

teacher ass worshipping phone sex jennaThe first week of school is almost over and I’m trying to get straight A’s this semester.  Let me tell you about my Teacher Ass Worshiping Phone Sex.  I was lucky this semester to have all male professors so getting straight A’s shouldn’t be a problem for me this semester.  A couple of them are really hot so this is going to be a great semester.  I made sure not to wear any panties all week long and crossed and uncrossed my legs several times as my professors were trying to give lectures.  I could see one of them getting a huge bulge in his pants.  It was so big, he had to go stand in front of the podium so nobody could see it lol.  Well, I made sure to stay after class yesterday to ask some fundamental questions, you know.  After everyone else had left, I spread my legs wide open, then I spreaBack+to+school+larged my pussy wide open, stuck two fingers in my cunt and then sucked my juices off.  My professor already knew what time it was, so he casually walked over to the door and locked it.  He came over to my desk and instructed me to get on top of it.  To my surprise, he lifted up my skirt and immediately started licking and sucking on my asshole while squeezing both of my ass cheeks.  He told me that he was interested in Teacher Ass Worshiping Phone Sex.  Oh my god, his skilled tongue felt so good.  He had obviously done this about a million times.  He told me that he had been checking out my ass all week long.  He didn’t even touch my pussy, but I was completely satisfied with the Teacher Ass Worshiping Phone Sex.  This is gonna be a great semester.

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Jenna 1-877-440-7025

Jenna, Aspiring Actress

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