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Sissy Trainer Phone Sex Time!

July 3rd, 2015


There’s no point in asking you what time it is, because it’s quite apparent what’s going to happen next! I am not only a Princess but I am a sissy trainer as well. Shocker, right? Lol, yeah well I’m here to put your ass in line. Your fake macho bullshit won’t last forever. It’s already crumbling while you stand in front of me. I am here to train you to be my compliant sissy bi0tch. You will do what I say whether you like it or not – is that clear? Hahaha, GOOD. I hope it’s crystal clear for you, darling. 😉 I am already beginning to strip you away from your fragile masculinity.

You’re weak to me, and most definitely below my status!

A purrfect Princess like me makes for a great sissy trainer for bitches like you. Here – put these sexy wedges on and this short dress also! The slutty outfit looks great on you. Hahaha, is it too much for you huh? Too bad. Do you remember what I said earlier? Whether you like it or not I am in CONTROL. You’re submitting to me already and there’s no turning back now. What gives you the right to try and make this sexy Princess submit to you, hmm? That’s what I thought. You’re a sissy now. Sucks for you! Lol



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Guided masturbation session

July 3rd, 2015


 A really hot phone sex session is on the way. I have something really hot in store for us both today. My sweet, sinful voice will have you melting. I might already be melting for you! I am just so eager to play with someone as perverted as you. My voice and nasty talk will make it seem as if I am there in the room. Right next to you, or on top, or any position you can imagine, lol But honestly speaking, I will lead us both to a really hot orgasm. Just tell me what you’re into, so I can then use it against you for teasing purposes! hehe. Hope you’re eager to play with this tight teen as well. Let me unravel your mind and seduce you with my wicked little body while I’m at it. Well don’t I look so cute and fuckable? You could be having this right now all to yourself! Give in and come here for a hot masturbation session.

I do role play and so much more babe. I’m open to whatever you may have in mind. My panties are off and now I’m officially ready for a good time. Let’s do this. Click on the picture down below and check out my profile for more. *Morgan*


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Morgan 1(888)770-0577

She's a Maneater

This Sinful Phone Sex blog written by Morgan.
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Teen feet phone sex

July 3rd, 2015


One of my girlfriend’s spent the night! She’s so cute, especially her teen feet. They’re so yummy to lick and nibble on too. Totally delicious! She doesn’t mind all the foot-loving attention either. She knew that if she was gonna come over to my place that I would want dibs on those yummy toes anyway. Gosh I love playing with her so much. Her pussy was soaking wet and so warm. All from me sucking on her pretty toes! I began to play with her from head to toe. I used my lips, tongue, and fingers to make her cum for me a couple times. I was really enjoying it.. I’m surprised my family didn’t wake up from the noise we made. My pussy was so freakin’ wet! The way she squirmed and scrunched her toes turned me on way too much. lol We were on the bed and I was ready to fuck. I spread my legs and we scissored together.. it was definitely what we both needed before bedtime! She’s asleep but I’m already awake and horny as hell to tell you everything we did. I totally bet that you could taste her pussy juice on my pussy still. (; and you better believe that I was sucking on her precious toes while we came together!! ~J

teen feet phone sex

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Preacher’s tempting daughter, Trish

July 3rd, 2015


I knew that one day my preacher daddy would give into temptation. I mean, my mom is hardly around anymore! My daddy is a hard working man. He’s a man of God… But when tempting Trish is around he just can’t keep away. Those sinful thoughts come out to play. I love turning my daddy on even though it’s so wrong. But I’m not planning on telling a soul what’s going on.The congregation doesn’t know. It’s just going to stay our sinful secret instead. And is it really that much of a sin anyway? I keep telling daddy that it’s perfectly okay for us to be so close together. Why? hehe, because nothing else means more in a daddy’s life other than his baby-girl.

I’m tempting for a reason! God wants this for us. No one has to know what happens behind closed doors.

He can’t deny me anymore. I love sinning with my own dad. He turns me on like no other. Not even my big brother makes me feel like he does. That means something, daddy! Play with me. I’ve been on your mind nonstop. It’s normal. I am the personification of temptation. The preacher’s daughter, Trish

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Little Slut

July 3rd, 2015

OMG I am having the most fun and exciting summer vacation ever.There’s this really cute older marries man that lives down my Street and today I seen his wife leave.I to his house and rang the bell.I was wearing the shortest mini skirt I had and my little pink tube top and high heels.He answered  I asked if I can use his phone because I had to call my mom because I locked myself out of my house.He said of course and let me in,he was right behind me I pretended I had a cramp in my ankel and bent right in front of him.I knew I was not wearing any panties,I knew he can see my little pink pussy.I then turned my face around right up to his now hard cock buldging in his jeans.I asked him very bluntly when was the last time his wife gave him a good blowjob,he old me it’s been a while.I told him we should fix that.I wanted to be his naughty little slut girl.I then unbuckled his belt and un zipped his jeans.I then pulled his hard throbbing cock out.I looked up into his eyes rubbing his cock all over my face.He then began to slap it on my face.I begged him to face fuck me.I deep throated him ,my eyes watered.Then he pulled me up by my hair bent me over his couch started to stick his big fat cock in my pink wet pussy.He slapped my ass calling me his little fucking slut.I creamed all over his cock as he busted his nut deep inside of me.It was so fun.daddy daughter phone sex

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Plump Age Play Molly :)

July 2nd, 2015


Forever plump and forever LOVING IT

Believe it or not, there are age play sluts out there who are big girls and still beautiful as can be. I am one of them. Can’t you tell that I am one sexy little (hehe *Big*) girl?

My curves and round tits have you entranced I see. There’s nothing wrong with this picture! I am one dirty plumper. Shall we get nasty together? C’mon I won’t tell a soul if that’s what you want… Let’s just have some good clean fun Lol!

Already my pudgy cunt is wet with excitement. I can’t help it when I get excited so easily. I’m all yours, your fat baby girl. Do what you want with me! I’ll take the heat. I will show you how bad I can get if that’s how you want it, sir.


My plump pussy is tight and wet. The butterflies are zooming around in my tummy. I want you to notice me. Plump little girls do it well too! Just let me show you want I mean. You’re going to like this. My big, soft tits are just waiting for you to slip your hard cock between them. Give way for some fun playtime!

Click the pic below to see my profile on Scandalous ~*Molly*~


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Watch me eating pussy!

July 2nd, 2015

eating pussyI had a caller last night who wanted to see his wife with another woman. Well I was down for that. I wouldn’t mind eating pussy. His wife was hot. She was blonde, with long legs, a sexy body and sweet little ass. He wanted us in the bedroom. He sat in the chair across the room watching us. She made the first move and came in for a slow sexy kiss. We started making out and i could feel her pulling my clothes off. I started taking hers off as well and then we laid down on the bed. She was on top of me. I could feel her soft body against mine. Her hands were all over me. Her mouth on mine. She started kissing her way down my body. Her hot mouth was on my tits, nibbling and biting on them. My nipples were so hard. She kept nibbling her way lower, over my belly to my soaking wet pussy. I was so wet I could hear her tongue swirling around my cunt. My clit was swelling and she started sucking on it. It was so intense I came right then, all over her face. I looked over at the chair and saw he was now naked and stroking his cock. He got up and walked over to the bed. She got on her hands and knees and started sucking his cock. I crawled between her legs and pulled her pussy into my mouth. She tasted so sweet and was soaking wet with her juices. I licked and sucked her into a orgasm while she was still sucking his cock. It must of turned him on because I looked up and saw him shoot his load off in her mouth. She swallowed every drop! I had fun making his fantasy come to life. I’d love to do it for you too.

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Naughty neighbor phone sex

July 2nd, 2015


I am earning all the affection and attention from my next door neighbor. He’s so lucky to have me as his naughty neighbor! He tells me that he’s never felt a pussy as tight as mine. His kids nor wife know any thing about us. It’s all a secret – under wraps! I don’t mind being his dirty little secret.. as long as he keeps giving me those hot freaking orgasms I just love. I don’t have any problems making him rock hard either. His sex life with his wife is pretty much nonexistent. All she cares about is taking care of the kids. What about her hubby’s needs? Oh well! That’s why I am here instead. As I say, the man is so lucky to have me as his little naughty neighbor. It’s just the plain ole truth!

 The way I tease him with my cute looks and sexy body is unreal. He’s so into me and it’s so obvious. I can’t keep the man away for long. He’s always looking forward to when his wife steps out with the kids. That’s when he likes to cum around, hehe. I am so ready to be the best naughty neighbor that I can possibly be!

Cutie Pie Madalyn

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no taboo fun with this tiny slut

July 2nd, 2015

There’s no such thing as ‘too taboo’ for this tiny slut


I definitely want us to have a good time while in each other’s company. Let’s make it about what truly gets us off. I’m a young girl with a corrupted mind. One that’s FULL of taboo lust. Maybe you’ll find that this is what you’ve been missing. My tight cunt and body are certainly ripe for the picking! It’s all up to you what goes on next.. as I am just so eager and willing to be your submissive whore. All I really need right now is you. Help teach me a lesson, if you must. Or let me keep my naughty, sinful ways! I just want you so bad that it makes my tiny pussy ache. What’s so wrong with that? mmmm bring out the sunscreen and help lather it on my little body. Daddy’s away and I just love how much sun we’ve been getting here lately. I’m going to sunbathe for a little while, unless you have better plans for us, babe. Show me what kind of man you are then. Have you ever had someone this young and hot notice you before? hehe, don’t pass this opportunity up to make things a little more ‘intimate’ between us. Tell me your nasty secrets already. I’m all ears here! lol. But seriously, you’ve got something filthy on your mind. I can sense it. I bet you can find a better way for us to beat the heat. Give this tiny slut what she needs.


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Karsyn 1-877-440-7005

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sensuous vampire / animal instinct

July 2nd, 2015


There’s something about my animal instinct that really brings out my sexual desires. I have many perversions. What about yourself- are you perverted and depraved like me? I’m curious about your mind. I want to dig deeper and find what the sickest thing is that gets you off. I don’t see the harm in that! ^.^ Let me just tell you already that I am equally depraved as you, if not, more. I’ve lived on this Earth for quite some time and have acquired many perverted moments & memories along the way. I strive to be sick as can be! Not only because it gets me off, but because this is what I was born to do, as a creature of f*cking darkness. Is your animal instinct becoming difficult to hide from others? No need to worry. There’s a way I can help. You don’t have to hide from the “normal” ones. Screw them, anyway. You’re better off handing yourself over to me. Together, those needs you have can be met. Now let’s begin discussing those deviant desires. I know they’re there in your mind. My thirst for blood is increasing. I’m  looking for a depraved good time with someone like you. Can you help? Of course you can. Hand yourself over to lecherous Luci ^.^

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