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Hot sweet ass eating phone sex

May 24th, 2016

ass eating phone sexI get a lot of calls for ass eating phone sex play. Of course I have one of the nicest ass’s around so how can I blame my callers.I mean, my ass is perfect. I had a caller just this morning wanting a sexy little whore to ass worship. I had him lie on the floor while I straddled his face. My sweet ass only inches from his mouth and nose. He was smelling my sweet ass juice, licking his lips. His mouth was starting to water. I sat down on his face. I could feel his tongue sliding between my cheeks. He licked my sweet little rose bud getting it all wet and ready. It felt so fucking good. Then I could feel his tongue fucking my asshole, darting in and out. I rode his tongue till my pussy was dripping wet. I could see his cock was big and hard. I was ready to feel that big piece of meat plunging into my ass. I got off his face and on all fours. I wanted that cock pounding me from behind. He grabbed me by my hips and pushed that big throbbing cock slowly in. He went deeper with every thrust, stretching my tight little ass out. He fucked my ass with a fierceness that had me squirting every where. He damn sure knew how to have hot,sweet, ass eating phone sex. Do you think you can do as good? If so give me a call.I’m always ready baby…..ass eating phone sex

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Time to seduce your step daughter phone sex!

May 24th, 2016

step daughter phone sex

I think it might be time for you and I to experience some step daughter phone sex! I have to admit and tell you a confession….Well…..Well…. Ever since you came into my mom and I’s life I’ve always been so grateful and excited that your such a sweet and kindest step dad a girl could ever have! Well since my mom is out tonight, I thought that Id thank you for being so awesome.. You know i have to confess, I’m always thinking about you when I’m in school and sometimes i start rubbing all over my tight, teen juicy pussy just thinking about how big your cock is. You remember that day when you caught me watching you in the shower and my excuse was that i had just walked in and didn’t see anything? Well i actually have a little bit of a confession to make… I had been standing there for a while actually and i got so turned on and wet that i couldn’t help but to start rubbing my pussy thinking about your cock deep inside my pussy. I’m so wet right now too….. I won’t tell if you won’t….. I know you’ve been thinking and fantasizing what it would be like to poke your cock right inside my young, tight pussy! I know you’ve been carving it and wanting it so badly.. Well I’m ready to give it to you, everything that you want. The sweetest taboo. I want you to fuck me step dad! I want you to stretch my young pussy out. I know you can fuck good, I hear my mom when your pounding on her pussy. I want to experience how good you are. I’m ready to experience that step daddy cock too! I promise I won’t tell! Mmm.. Maybe we can make up some of kin an arrangement between the two of us baby..  😉


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Daddy’s anal slut

May 24th, 2016

daddys anal slut phone sex

I am Daddy’s little anal slut! My pussy gets so wet just thinking about him drilling me from behind. Like I love it SO much when he tells me I’ve been a bad girl. Then he has me “prepare” his cock so he can then force it inside my tight & warm asshole. Being his anal slut makes me so happy. In fact we were making each other so happy earlier but then Daddy got called into work. 🙁 Can you imagine how sad that made me?! I did make Daddy finish inside my tight ass before he left for work though.. But still, my craving just isn’t satisfied! Being an anal slut is all I can think about, whether daddy is there or not.. It’s what I am. You get what I’m saying? lol I don’t think my Daddy would mind if you had your way with me.. at least we don’t have to tell him anything.

But anyway you know already where I would love that fuck-stick the most! So for a little while I can be your babygirl and you can be my papa while mine is away 🙂 Let me help fluff your cock up so you can make me your anal slut! ~J


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Drugged phone sex w Dezi

May 24th, 2016

I need a fucking hit, and I will do anything to get it even being your drugged phone sex whore.  Every thought of being nasty I mean really nasty?  Having your own personal whore that will get high with you, no questions asked? You and I both know that sex is fucking hotter when you’re strung out on M and C I’m sure you understand me “wink.”

drugged phone sexI can do all sorts of nasty shit that will make you feel oh so good. First, I would take that white powder and sprinkle it over your cock and balls. Watch how my mouth just devours everything including that cock.  You grab the back of my drugged phone sex head and fuck my mouth raw.  I feel that cock thrust right down the back of my throat. Licking that drug off you made my fucking cunt throb so of course while you pounding me I rub out a little orgasm all by myself.

That nifty little drug sure does wonders all it does is makes me want to fuck, and I mean fuck hard. Allow me to make you feel as good as I do.  I put a big pile right drugged phone sex there on my nipples come on lick it off. Show me I’m not the only one into this drugged phone sex!  I will do incredible things to the engorged cock.  Shoving it in deep into my tight holes and when you orgasm I will suck it hard again.  With each tantalizing orgasm, they become harder to have.  We have to be creative when you can’t get off easy. Don’t you worry this drugged phone sex whore will do whatever it takes to make you feel loved and drained?

I have to kind of admit that when I think about us both being strung out, I get so horny.  There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do to have all your loads of cum splattered all over me. So come stop on over and let’s have some fun don’t forget to bring a little party drug.

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Water sports phone sex

May 23rd, 2016

Looky what we have here a little sissy looking to be my water sports phone sex slave.  I have to tell you pathetic shit eater to be careful what you ask for I just might make you do it.  I just have you fill out water sports phone sex this application for my personal reference, and then I can give you the best watersports phone sex of your life.

I am having a nice little memorial day get together and guess what I have a need for a humiliated toilet slave just like you. I will make you sit right there holding a toilet seat taking every shit and piss load I order you.  Though the water sports phone sex  don’t stop there. After we do some good hardcore fucking, water sports phone sex I will make you lick all those cum filled pussies. Forced cum eating will be your new thrill before you know your clitty will crave to be jerked so you can eat your own but not till I say so.  Something you only wished you had.  I can’t wait to make you fluff all those dirty cocks and keep them hard until I need them.

Go ahead and get comfy cause this is your new crib and of course your rewarding job in water sports phone sex .  I will be your ultimate key holder and only when you have cleaned my guests and myself will I allow you cum.  Of course, you will have to take it like a whore and spread those ass cheeks with your face stuffed right down in the pillows.  When that man pussy is filled with hot loads of cum, you will know who owns you. You won’t be able to deny me or admit you were wrong. Obey me and I will make you love being a watersports phone sex whore.

Your pathetic body will serve as whatever I see fit.  I might even use you in my blood play games.

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Mommy Son Phone Sex

May 23rd, 2016

mommy son phone sex

Mommy Son Phone Sex 

Mommy needs her little boy to climb up in this big bed and let me teach you all the things that a young cock needs to know about satisfying Mommy. We can start out by you learning how to flick your tongue all over Mommy’s wet cunt just the way I like it. Nice firm licks and sucks. Pay special attention to Mommy’s clit baby. Make Mommy Squirt baby. Mmmmmm yes baby just like that.

If you do a really good job perhaps mommy will take that teen cock of yours into my mouth and show you the 9th wonder of the world. You don’t need to jack off late at night in your room all alone anymore. Any time your dick gets hard you can cum right in here to mommy and I will take good care of you, as long as you take care of me too. You lick Mommy’s pussy just the way I like it and then stuff my cunt with your fat teen Cock and I promise to keep your balls drained way better than you could ever do solo. Mommy wants to take care of all of your needs. We can bring each other so much pleasure. You have a big boy cock just right to fill Mommy’s wet wanton pussy. Just think you will never have to jerk that big boy cock off alone again. You will always be my little boy even with that big boy cock that you satisfy Mommy with.  We are going to have so much fun together.  There is so much Mommy wants to teach you. Let’s have some Mommy Son Phone Sex.

mommy son phone sex

mommy son phone sex

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Mommy son phone sex

May 23rd, 2016

Are you in lust with mommy son phone sex? It’s natural for sons to have a little bit of naughty little feelings for your mother.  Don’t think that you’re the only one dying to get back into that pussy canal.  If your mother is as hot as I am fucking her would just be steamy.  I sure know the things that turn my son right on.  Like what his most erotic fantasies are and just that spot that when I hit it he goes mommy son phone sex completely nuts.  mommy son phone sex

I mean am the one that seen your first hard on, and that first load of cum that you tried to hide in your sheets.  I always thought that little boner you had was for me.  i have wanted to touch just as much as much as you did.  I thought about the scenario in my head time after time, how I could seduce you with mommy son phone sex.  I would sneak into your room and take that cock right out of your little boxers and show you mommy really does know.  I stroke it so hard then put my mouth right there to catch all that jizz. Her scent just seemed to drive you wild even to this day. When you see her that scent still makes you erect.

It’s my job to make sure all your needs are met and let me tell you if I am jerking you off then I am doing everything right.  I know after reading this so far that cock of yours is just begging for a little bit of mommy son phone sex love.  You might even be on the phone with your mom right now thinking of her doing all these naughty things I’m talking about.  Go ahead I give you permission stroke that cock right now, give your mommy the satisfaction of hearing you cum just like you listen to your parent’s fuck making your brother/ sister.

If you’re lucky I might even walk right in and help you.

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Sydney 1-888-869-5769

Dirty MILF Sydney

This Sinful Phone Sex blog written by Sydney.
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Cum slut phone sex whore Deja

May 23rd, 2016

cum slut phone sexAre you looking for a cum slut phone sex whore to get down and dirty with? I love making men cum. I just can’t get enough of that creamy jizz. Let me be your dirty little whore. I get turned on by you telling me what a nasty bitch I really am. You can use and abuse me any way you want as long as I end up with that load your gonna explode.

So grab this dirty cunt by the hair and throw me to the floor. Tell me how nasty I am. I want all you can give. You know dirty whores like me need to be treated like the filthy sluts they are. Grab my face and shove your cock as far as it will go down my throat. Choke me with that huge hunk of meat. I want to do everything I can to get your cock as hard as it’ll get. Now let me bend over and stick my cunt in the air for you to ram into. That’s right, thrust that cock deep inside my pussy. Tear it up baby. Show me what you’ve got. I’m your submissive little slave whore. Satisfy all your lustful needs in all my dirty little fuck holes. When your done draining your cock of cum, drain it of piss too. Dirty little cum slut phone sex whores like me need to be pissed all over. Cover me with your hot piss, telling me I’m nothing but a human toilet bowl. Leave me covered in your waste.

So if you want to put a nasty whore in her place then give me a call…

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Coed phone sex

May 23rd, 2016

I love being a coed phone sex teacher because sex always starts at school first.  I always feel like one of the brats we sit around talking what jocks have the biggest cocks.  Just last night we had a total coed phone sex moment.  I invited the brats to my house for a last hurrah of the school year, and we had an entire masturbation session.  I showed each one how to totally masturbate. First off we rubbed each other’s clits, sliding fingers into each other I really didn’t know coed phone sex could be this much fun.coed phone sex

I know it’s my job being their sex ed coach to teach them everything there is to know and prepare them for the real world of womanhood. I understand the actual need for all my students to know that men want a brat with no limits, and that will totally submit to them.  I can tell you knowing how to pleasure their selves really is a good start.   To actually launch the fun, I brought out life like a strap on’s and let me tell you these sluts were overjoyed I left the room for a sec and the next thing I know I come back in, and they are fucking each other.  I had to show them the correct ways to be fucked and how to take it.  I made sure they licked every strap-on clean.coed phone sex

Now coed phone sex is really knowing who you are.  I took each into groups by hair color. We sat in each cluster that blondes should be aware how to do this and of course redheads need to know everything. I couldn’t help but to rub myself all this teaching was making me so hot. I stopped what I was doing and rubbed one out right in front of them. By the time this coed phone sex sleepover was over these brats were ready to take on the world.

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Voyeur phone sex

May 23rd, 2016

Sweet daddy called me again today. He’s into voyeur phone sex.He loves it when people watch him touching me. He says’ there all just jealous of him.  He had me get on my sexiest outfit and took me to the mall for some spoiling. He loves walking around with me on his arm. He likes it when other men are checking me out, knowing that I’m going to fuck him and not them. After dropping a mint on me in the stores, we decided to go down to the beach and have a few drinks. I knew he had something more on his mind then drinks, and I was looking forward to it.voyeur phone sex

We got to the bar and we could see all the men looking at my ass and tits. I hung all over sugar daddy just the way he likes it. He knew anyone of those men would die to fuck someone as hot and sexy as me. We sat at a table in the back of the bar. He was rubbing my leg with his hand and told me to uncross my legs. I did as he asked and he ran his hand under my dress, his fingers running over my tight little cunt. I moaned and he stuck his fingers deep inside me. He started finger fucking me right there under the table. We could see the men at the bar watching us. That just made us both hotter. He pulled me on his lap and undid his zipper and pulled his big fat cock out. He positioned me right on that huge piece of meat and fucked me right there with everyone watching. I came instantly, and he filled my pussy in no time.Cheap-Phone-Sex

We then finished our drink and got up and left. While we we’re walking thru the bar I noticed all the hard cocks tenting the men’s shorts. Sugar daddy just smiled. He loves it when men want me so bad they get hard on’s.  He likes them knowing its him I just fucked, not them. He’s my sweet daddy, but I could always use another. Call me at voyeur phone sex.

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